Friday, 24 May 2013

Council Rejects Proposal for Toronto Casino

Bye! Toronto Casino: the City Council Rejects the Proposal for 38:6

Since June 2012, Omega intercessor team has begun to fight against the dark power over Toronto. Its invasion will bring a tremendous destruction to the spiritual atmosphere in Toronto. For this kind of receiving, we’ve continued praying, and we received from God about the vision of mermaid and its power. It ever flew through the sky of Canada, and was beaten by the hands of God, and ended up under Lake Ontario. So did a big snake with black stripes and grey spots.

Its attempt to invade will go to the north, and hope to find a stamping ground in the northern Toronto. (A testimony in June 2012 could be read on the following link.
Summary: The Lord hoped we can work with Him in the prayer. We can also understand God’s will through prayer. Jesus Christ will recapture the authority of ruling the Earth from Satan. And He will give the authority to faithful people who follow Him. We are able to work with the Lord and tie up the dark power all over the world in Jesus’ name. Through the experience we just had, we realize very much the authority of intercessors and how the spirit world is like. Such as the first vision, we can pray and expel the “Dagon mermaid” which wire pulls the proposal of building casino in Ontario Place.

Actually, God doesn’t usually follow our prayers to reveal His will. He hopes us to work together with Him in His will, so that we can have a greater threshing floor to fulfill a greater work in God’s will. And we can also have the blessing of “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”

If you are also moved, we welcome and invite you to join in the intercessor team. This has a magnificent meaning to Toronto. If the mermaid successfully makes a landfall, the big snake with black stripes and grey spots will enter as well, and it will bring death, witchcraft, power, gang, economic unification.

Council Rejects Proposal for Toronto Casino
Proposal to expand gaming expansion at Woodbine also shot down

York Guardian
ByDavid Nickle

An expansion of casino gambling anywhere in Toronto is no longer in the cards, after council voted to reject both a downtown casino and expansion of the Woodbine Racetrack into a full-blown casino in north Etobicoke.
Council made the decision after a relatively swift debate at a special meeting Tuesday, May 21. Mayor Rob Ford had attempted to cancel the meeting late last week, declaring a downtown casino dead, but 24 councillors pushed to hold the meeting anyway, to settle the matter.
At issue for both Ford and opponents of the casino was the amount of the provincial hosting fee. Ford and casino supporters had said that Toronto needed a minimum of $100 million annually in hosting fees to host a major casino. But the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation only offered a total of $65-70 million for a downtown casino.
Ford moved a motion that would cancel the downtown casino, but keep the ball rolling on letting the province establish a second casino at the Woodbine Racetrack.
He rested the blame for the failure of the downtown casino on the shoulders of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.
“One year ago the government of Ontario asked Toronto to host a new casino in this great city,” he said. “Since then Toronto has spent a year grappling with the issues. We carried the load and did a lot of the hard work. It now appears that Premier Wynne has chosen a different direction.”
He continued, “I will not support a casino that is not in the best interest of Toronto. Hosting a casino in Toronto that does little to address Toronto’s needs and makes the provincial government richer is not in the interests of Torontonians.”
Council rejected Ford’s motion, with a vote of 13-31, instead supporting Trinity-Spadina Councillor Mike Layton’s motions that would reject a new casino downtown, and oppose gaming expansion in the C2 zone where the Woodbine Racetrack is located.
That last vote carried by a narrower margin — 24-20.
Nick Eaves, President and CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, said the vote was disappointing.
Woodbine faces a tough time, he said, if the province locates its casino outside Toronto in Markham or Vaughan. That would create a competition that the racetrack couldn’t necessarily meet without its own tables and slot machines.
“We had over 200 people here showing their support,” said Eaves. “We sent 600 letters, there’s a petition signed. I feel most badly for those people whose jobs depend on Woodbine’s racetrack.”
Layton, however, pointed out that council’s rejection of gambling was a matter of principle — and noted that Woodbine would be able to maintain its existing operations.
“The motion put forward reflects that this wasn’t just about a hosting fee — this was about the impact on the citizens of Toronto,” he said.
“We don’t want the province to put forward a policy that encourages more people to become addicted to gambling.”

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