Friday, 17 May 2013

Earthquake of Magnitude 5.2 Hit the Eastern Canada

Earthquake: 5.2 quake felt in Toronto, began in Ottawa Valley; more tremors expected

Shawville, Que., Mayor Albert Armstrong thought a large truck had slammed into the three-storey brick walls of City Hall.
It took a few seconds for him to realize the loud rumbling that set the walls shaking was an earthquake.
Earthquake Canada reports that the 5.2 magnitude earthquake originated 21 kilometres northeast of Shawville at 9:43 a.m. Friday.

M 5.0 Earthquake, 25km NNE of Shawville, Canada
Please notice that Global Prophecy of 2013, No 2 posted in April has mentioned:After the small earthquake in Canada, the world is going to have a circumstance of new earthquake magnitude, and it’s inevitable.

The second dream:
 Some elders (aged between 60 and 80, I knew in the dream that they signifies some mature Chinese churches with long history.) went to my place. I had many guestrooms in my house, and I lived in a master room which located in the middle and can’t be easily found. They usually went to a university (we all study in the university of Christ on the earth, the spiritual school.) to use pay phone to call. However in the morning, a piece of news said a big earthquake hits China and the magnitude is 7 increasing up to 9; the earth is cracking up; (the fissure) the mountains are moving away. Earthquakes are so frequent and very much in Asia and they are pretty strong. The whole world left in a panic. I saw a chaos in United States and heard an explosion in the dream. Canada is impacted as well. Canada just experienced a small earthquake, and the earthquake in Pacific Ocean will affect Canada and America. There also will be the aftershocks.

Every elder went to visit my mom, just because in my house there’s a hot line which can be called to China without surcharge. Each of them was in a line to call home to ask if there’s peace at home. Meanwhile, a voice came from the spirit world to say to me that, “my child, after this earthquake (of China), the world is going to have a circumstance of new earthquake magnitude, and it’s inevitable.”

After that, I was able to see the land shaking and vibrating in the seismic zone. It’s unprecedented. The world left in a panic of earthquake…… Such thing would happen very very quickly.

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