Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Global Prophecy of 2013 - Egypt

January and August 9 2013, when I was praying,

A vision showed up: By the riverside, the Sphinx was standing there quite firmly. Suddenly, a wave in the river rose above and the flow was so fierce that the Sphinx was washed away. Then the Sphinx was tilted and dropped into the river.

Impression: The vision was about the political trend of Egypt. The river stood for people. The unexpected demonstration, protest, and assembly will evolve into a big coup in Egypt, and eventually, a chaotic battle.


“Egypt Bloody Day”Hundreds Were Killed. The Government Declared State of Emergency.
 (A news in Chinese)

“The Egyptian Security Forces cleared two protest camps, and finished the Pro-Morsi sit-ins. After the clearance began, a clash burst out between two sides, leaving serious injury and death. According to the report of AFP, the toll death rose up to 278, including 43 police officers. The Egypt President declared a one-month state of emergency: Curfew from 19:00 to 06:00 in Cairo. The photo is the site of clearance.”

Video: The real scene of the Nahda Square after the clearance. The news is about the saying of a witness.

Egypt: 278 People Killed In Nationwide Clashes

Bloodbath in Cairo, Egypt, leaves 525 people dead, including Sky News cameraman Mick Deane, VP Mohamed ElBaradei resigns

Egypt crisis: Cairo quiet but tense as death toll rises

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