Sunday, 23 February 2014

Solar flares caused magnetic storms on Earth

Last July we wrote about Global Prophecy of 2013 No.6 on our website that  “It’s because of the solar flare. The solar wind begins to strike the Earth.
It is starting to be fulfilled now!

Solar flares caused strong enough magnetic storm on the Earth on February 16.

Chief of the Sun and solar-terrestrial relationship Department of Shamakhi-based Tusi Astrophysical Observatory Namig Jalilov told APA that magnetic storm with high average power affected the people’s health. He said that magnetic storm lasted for 6-7 hours, then calmed down and now is quite calm: “Magnetic storm started on the night of February15 to 16 and lasted till the morning. This process stopped in the morning. Solar flares hit the Earth’s magnetic fields. This process didn’t lead to technical failures. However, people with heart failure, high blood pressure diseases felt it.”

Global Prophecy of 2013 No.6: But it’s weird that I was on the site and knew exactly what’s going on. I knew that in my mind, just like someone explained the reason of whole event, saying, “It’s because of the solar flare. The solar wind begins to strike the Earth.” Personally, I can’t understand this explanation quite well and didn’t know what he was talking about. However, in this dream, I got an impression from it, and a voice was talking, “The Earth is roasted by heat and the crust is out of shape. The Earth’s axis is deviated so that the satellites are out of orbit. And the satellites were collided with the debris of the planet, failing the communication equipments on the ground. Due to high temperature, the electronic devices are burnt and damaged, some cannot work.” As a whole, it is tragic that so many people on the street were kept in the dark, not knowing what’s going on.

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