Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse Today (2014.04.16)

There will be a Total Lunar Eclipse tonight. The time will last for more than three hours. The scene of blood moon will come along in the period of the eclipse. The western hemisphere will face the moon during the mood eclipse and it will be at night in America so that America will be the most perfect view to watch the moon eclipse. There won’t be any opportunity to watch it in most areas of Taiwan and mainland China.


NASA said, every year there are usually two moon eclipses but some of them won’t catch people’s attention. There will be four “blood moons” in the following one and an half years. That will be quite rare. The most perfect view of the moon eclipse will be in America. The moon partial eclipse is able to be viewed in the area in the western Pacific Ocean. However there will be no opportunity to view in most of places in mainland China.

As the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow where no sunlight is irradiated, because the light of purple, blue, green and yellow is absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, there’s only the red light refracted on the surface of the moon, forming the maroon moon which is called “blood moon.” However, the color of the moon people see on the Earth will probably turn orange or brown because of volcano ash or floating particles.

From April 15th this year, there will be one total moon eclipse and “moon blood” around half yearly. They will be on April 15th and October 8th of this year (2014), April 4th and September 28th of 2015.
The pictures of the total moon eclipse in the early morning on April 15th can be checked out on the following site:
You may also watch the live show on NASA.gov or Slooh.com.

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