Saturday, 3 May 2014

2014 Global Prophecy, No 15: Irregular Magnetic Field, Climate Change, Climate Confusion

Jan. 9, 2014  I dreamed a dream.
I was taken to a place by a kind of force such as a wind. It's a sparsely-populated place like a town or a suburb. It was totally empty and silent. Both the wind and I seemed to wait for something to happen but I had no idea about what that is. I still knew that there will be some terrible catastrophe happening right after the tranquility. An angel without outline was standing beside me to accompany me. He was male tall and formless however he made me pretty secure. I obviously felt that his white shining robe brushes my hand. He and I were floating aloft to watch.

I usually came across the same situation in my dream and had learned how to wait silently and not to say a word until something different happens. After a long time, some gas began to be emitted out of the ground continuously, making sizzling sound, and it was colorless and odorless. It's like that it can be ignited with simply a spark. It was not until the gas was diffused throughout the the earth that a kind of magnetic force or a certain power was emanated out of the sun. As soon as the gas was hit by it (I guessed it's perhaps the solar windstorm which is a vocabulary comes up in my mind.), they created friction and thus explosion happened everywhere.  First, it started with blue flaming fire, and then detonation occurred. Fire appeared to swallow plants on the earth and to destroy most constructions.

The situation would mostly happen in the towns or the countryside nearby polar regions.

Next, I was taken to another place and it looked like another new dream. The weather became to change tremendously wherever it was and it's quite different from that before.  Toronto suddenly came into my view. The temperature here in this season was supposed to be minus only few degrees Celsius however it's completely different now, it's freezing and snowy everywhere (it's like in Russia.) Is that the future of Toronto? I waded through the snow up to knees on the street. I could barely see anyone there. Minus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius would become usual, and even down to minus 40 degrees.

I was then placed in a big truck parking space. I met some people there. It was pretty cold and desolate on the street. Suddenly a voice said, "The magnetic field has changed and been abnormal so that the climate is aberrant." (I was murmuring that what on earth is so-called magnetic field. Have I learned it in high school geographic?)  Some magnetic field lines would not go back to the magnetic pole; it's deviated. The weakening magnetic field would cause extreme weathers. That is, in the regions above the Tropic of Cancer or below the Tropic of Capricorn, it would be sweltering hot in the summer, on the contrary, freezing cold in the winter. It would be more horrible in the regions of tropic. The Earth would expand and get deformed. Everything went wrong! A single region would go through changes of two seasons even four seasons in a short period. We would experience spring, summer, autumn, and winter in just a week. (Something like such kind of words were already being heard in my dream in 2008, but it's more specified than before.)

The prophecy has been fulfilled:
Snowfall in Chelyabinsk in the height of summer (17 photos) 2014.07.14

Wild weather sees SNOW in the Northern Rockies and mass flooding in Minnesota - just three days from summer 2014.06.18

2014: The Coolest U.S. Summer on Record 2014.07.28
"So far the Summer of 2014 is shaping up to be the coldest summer on record in the U.S.A., with temperatures rarely breaking the 90-degree mark."

Where did our summer go? Polar air sweeping down from Canada causes downpours and unusually cold weather across U.S.  2014.07.15

2014.05.08  Xiamen experiences record low temperature for early May

2014.04.23  Snow brings chill to Urumqi
According to Xinjiang regional meteorological administration, which issued a snowstorm warning on Tuesday morning, the highest temperature in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, reached 23.5 C on Monday - the hottest day so far this year - and the temperature could drop to -3 C on Tuesday.

2014.04.22  Kunming sees high temperature over 29℃ this week

2014.04.19  Nearly half counties in Yunnan temperatures break 30 ℃

2014.04.14  Toronto temperatures to drop by almost 20 C overnight


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