Friday, 9 May 2014

Some News Concerning the Fate of Israel - The Meetings of Obama and Prime Minister of Israel

Date: Mon, Mar. 31, 2014

The first thing to do in the office was to handle mails of my company. As I was about to begin the work, the Spirit of God suddenly talked to me, saying, "Read the news on the internet. Something about the prophecy no. one has already happened." I almost had no time to read the news on busy weekend because of  the ministry. "Has something big happened last weekend?" I went on website,, and a piece of news concerning a visit of Obama in Saudi Arabia came into my sight.

A plan to entrap Israel has been set out and some omens regarding dividing Jerusalem can been seen.

November 2011, February 2012, March 1 2013

There was a vision showing. In a meeting room, the president Obama of US met with the prime minister of Israel, and they shook hands. Then the scene turned to the other place. I saw one man with the garment of Middle East and a cap decorated with white and golden ornaments. US president met secretly with two different national leaders (to make some agreements). He stood between two guys (the leaders of Israel and Middle East) while he shook hands with reverse hands with two leaders who are originally opponent. (Reverse hands: two hands of Obama were crossed in front of his belly, and three persons were standing in a row, and he shook their hands.) In the prayer, I asked that which country does the man with the garment of Middle East stand for. The Holy Spirit touched me that it’s Saudi Arabia, and there also will be other countries in the Middle East.

Impression: Because the influence of USA, Saudi Arabia will support Israel secretly both in politics and in military. Because of that, Israel will trust the arrangement of USA so undoubtedly that they fall into a trap (a snare).

REMARK: The Lord pushed me to make the vision public; however I don’t understand the affairs of state, so I was hesitant for a while. I checked up on the Internet that Saudi Arabia is opponent to Israel. How could such thing happen? I don’t know how much the circumstance would change.

Obama Visit Allows Rare Glimpse of Saudi Royal Life

Mar 30, 2014
Politico correspondent Carrie Budoff Brown, senior White House reporter for Washington, D.C.-based Politico gained 11,000 Twitter followers overnight after tweeting rare photos from inside the king’s desert palace outside Riyadh on Friday night. Ms. Brown was part of the group of journalists traveling with Mr. Obama on his European and Mideast tour.

Saudi authorities tightly control news of King Abdullah and other royals. The press pool’s rare access brought surprises for curious Saudis

Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu To Discuss Mideast Peace Agreement, Iranian Nuclear Deal

Seeking to keep a pair of delicate diplomatic efforts afloat, President Barack Obama will personally appeal for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to move forward on peace talks with the Palestinians, while also trying to manage Israel's deep suspicion of his pursuit of a nuclear accord with Iran. 


US official: Obama blames settlements for failed talks
May 16, 2014

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