Monday, 29 September 2014

Fulfilled Prophecy: Explosions and Volcano Eruptions

Global Prophecy of 2013, No7

August 9 2013, when we had an overnight prayer meeting,
A vision showed:  I heard several loud voices like fulmination of landslide.  All of the brothers and sisters who were praying around me disappeared.  I saw that the entire ground was overcast. Far away are the layers of some pictures: the picture of volcano eruption in Japan, the picture of explosion somewhere in Russia, and the picture of explosion somewhere in the Middle East, and the picture of volcano eruption in Northern Europe…… every picture was shaking and tilting horizontally.  I was screaming in my mind, “wake up, wake up.”
Impression: It’s a real scene that describes the happening of events such as volcano eruption and manmade explosion, which will be continual and the time intervals between events are quite small.  Poor Earth…

Related News:

2014.07.31  Gas pipe blasts in Taiwan kill 30

Jappan Volcano Eruptions:
2014.09.28  Japan volcano: Mt Ontake rescue teams find 31 bodies

2013.11.21  Volcanic eruption creates new land off coast of Japan
2013.08.19  Record eruption at Japanese volcano, city covered in ash

2013.12.29  Official: Suicide bomber kills 16 at Russian train station
2013.08.11  Russian Truck Fire with gas tanks explodes 39 times!
Middle East:
2014.08.24  Israel destroys 13-storey building in Gaza air strike
2014.06.20  Syria crisis: Car bomb 'kills dozens' in Hama province
2014.05.15  Massive tunnel bomb hits Syrian army base
2013.11.19  Lebanon blasts hit Iran's embassy in Beirut
2013.10.14  Syria civil war: Car bomb kills 20 after Red Cross workers kidnapped
Northern Europe:
2014.09.12  Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano erupting, sulphur reported 1,300 kilometres away
                    "Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has been erupting since August 31, sending sulphur as far as Norway, some 1,300 kilometres away."

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