Friday, 12 September 2014

Fulfilled Prophecy: Solar Flare Begins to Hit the Earth (Global Prophecy of 2013 No. 6)

Global Prophecy of 2013 No. 6:
"I knew that in my mind, just like someone explained the reason of whole event, saying, “It’s because of the solar flare. The solar wind begins to strike the Earth.” Personally, I can’t understand this explanation quite well and didn’t know what he was talking about...... "

Related News:

Massive solar flare erupts towards Earth 2014.09.11
An X1.6 solar flare has erupted from the sun, peaking at 1:48 p.m. EDT on September 10 -- sending radiation barrelling directly towards the Earth at a speed of 2.5 million miles per hour. The resulting geomagnetic, or "solar", storms are expected to hit by September 12 -- the most severe we've seen in a few years. The sun also erupted in two coronal mass ejections -- bursts of magnetic fields and solar winds -- from the same active region.

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