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Global Prophecy 27: Meteorites Falling into the Sea and Chinese “Eye to the Sky”

Time: August 2, 2015, 7:00AM
Vision One: I saw a newspaper flying over a desolated street, Part of the title (Some sections were covered), wrote, "September Collapse". This is the street of New York. On the small and gray stone road, there were only sparsely two or three pedestrians. There was a statue of water spray in the middle of the square. The wind was blowing; people were walking against the wind. The wind was blowing and it looked like a tornado or hurricane was coming.

Time: August 14, 2015, 3:00AM

Vision One: A black meteorite with red- charcoal- coated in the middle, falling from the sky, with the spark of insufficient combustion. It fell into the sea, where the words 2016 showed up. I thought it was wormwood.

Visions Two: During an all- night prayer meeting, I suddenly couldn't hear anything, like asleep. Voices echoing in another space, I clearly knew that we were in prayer, some people lying on stomach, some on back, all of the postures were visible to me, but I couldn’t hear any sound. In just a moment, I came to a basin, all around it were the mountains. The basin looked like a pit made from falling meteorite hit. Above the pit, there was an artificial steel circular and a high steel shelf which was about the height of halfway up to a mountain. The sky appears some word "particle, the universe, time, space, research...". Standing on a mountain, I asked : Where is this? How did I come here? There was a voice in my heart immediately telling me that that was a county in Guizhou. "Lord, what do you want to say?" "It is the place to observe UFO" It turned out to be another channel to spiritual realm.

I saw another all- night prayer group, I heard their voice clearly, but why I couldn't hear the voice of our group at all? When I was still in doubt, I came back to reality. It was such strange experience. I shared what I saw with the group. No one knew if what I saw really existed. I need to go home to do a research.

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World's largest radio telescope completed in China (CBC news)

China Finishes Building World's Largest Radio Telescope

The result is that this place really exists, which is incredible. Here's what I have found on the Internet:

China has built five-hundred-meter Aperture spherical telescope (FAST) Its sensitivity is 10 times higher than that of Germany

Jul 24th, 2015, 10:46 Data Source: Observer Network 觀察者網
Comparison of size between previously the world's largest radio telescope in Puerto Rico and the FAST telescope under construction

正 FAST Telescope Under Construction

On 23rd, the important equipment of the world's largest single aperture spherical radio telescope under construction of China - the first batch of 1000 units of reflector panels are in place and on-site assembly began in Qiannan, Guizhou. Known as the "eye to the sky" of the China, this super single telescope’s diameter is 500 meters, receiving area is equivalent to nearly 30 football fields. Why did Chinese "eye" choose the location of South of Qian? What does it look like? What are the "skills"? It can find the "alien"? Let's go to the super radio telescope.

Looking at tens of billions of light-years’ stars.

  Radio telescope, which is not a common telescope with the use of human eyes, it is the most elite space telescope in the world.

  Radio, is the electromagnetic band with the lower frequency than the infrared. Radio telescope, similar to satellite signal antenna pot, through pot reflection focusing, gathers signals from a few square meters to thousands of square meters to one point.

  "Space is mixed with a variety of radiation, the distant signal is like chirping of cicadas in thunder, without super sensitive 'ears', we can not identify it at all." Said Nan Rendong, chief scientist and general engineer of the National Astronomical Observatory’s FAST project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  For more than half a century, the energy collected by all radio telescopes has not yet been enough to turn over a page of paper.

  To get farther and more faint radio, "read" to the depths of the universe, there is the need for a larger aperture radio telescope. In short, that is, the larger the pot is, the farther the distance of stars is.
  Experts point out that, compared with the German Bonn 100-meter telescope, FAST’s sensitivity increases by about 10 times. This means that, FAST is also likely to "capture" the radio signal as far as billions of light years away.

China ‘s "eye to the sky” has "deep eye socket"

  Opening the satellite map, you will find that the landform of Pingtang County, Guiizhou is like wrinkled elephant skin. To further improve the resolution, you can see the big and small "funnel" -- " Sinkholes" group. One of them is the "home" of the biggest telescope. It took scientist ten year to find it.

  Astronomers are thinking: How to use natural depression as a scaffold to build giant radio telescopes.

  In 1993, 10 countries, including China, proposed the construction of a new generation of radio telescope, the initiative aim is to go back to the original universe, answer many questions in astronomy. By the end of 1995, China Promotion Committee of the radio "big telescope", put forward concept of using Karst depression in Guizhou to build ball reflector "Karst project”.

  Since then, scientists, with the help of local residents, have traveled over land and water to do the survey of location. After repeated screening, eventually in KEDU town of Pingtang County, they found "Da Wo Dang" -- the deep "eye socket", most suitable for large "eye to the sky”.

Attracted by “Eye”, reporters of the Xinhua News Agency go deep into south of Qian to “Spy” FAST project.

FAST feed supporting system chief engineer, Sun Caihong told reporters there are three reasons to choose the location of "Da Wo Dang", the first is the landforms are very close to the FAST modeling and engineering excavation amount is the minimum; second, where the karst geological can guarantee rainwater infiltration to the underground, instead of silting up in the surface and damaging and corroding telescope; the third is radio telescope needs a "quiet" land, there is no any township within Tai Wo Taipa’s 5 km radius and radio environment is ideal.

“The three peaks around ‘FAST’ was in a position of tripartite confrontation, each distance is about 500 meters, intervening depressions is like a natural pot rack, which just firmly holds the “big pot” FAST, said Sun Caihong.

"Deformation gold pot" moving with the Sky

Coming to "Da Wo Dang", you will find the reflection surface of a total area of 250 thousand square meters looks like a super “big pot". The steel beam of a total length of more than 1.5 kilometers has firmly fixed millions of cables. If you want to see the whole picture of the FAST project, you must climb to the top of the mountain. And the viewing platform under construction is the place to watch the FAST for visitors in the future.

Sun Hongcai said that the reflector panel unit will be fixed on ten thousand of steel cables, after the completion of installation, the whole reflector surface is actually hanging in midair and there will be the spiral road through which to access to the bottom of “Dang", for vehicles and personnel to maintain equipment. The gap between the reflecting surface and the ground will restore vegetation to protect the environment.

This 500-meter diameter of the “big pot”, is a veritable deformation golden pot".

"Deformation gold pot" can move. AFST cable net structure can automatically change with moving objects and drive changes to 4450 reflecting panel on the cables, sufficient to observe celestial bodies in arbitrary direction. At the same time, the cabin also moves along with the cable net, collecting feedback information. " said Panel unit technical chief engineer, senior engineer of CETC, Zheng Yuanpeng.

FAST is able to gather the signals collected from receiving surface in the size of 30 soccer field in the tablet size space.

Can you see the "alien"?

Progress of the FAST project affects the "nerve" of astronomers and amateur astronomers ".

The chairman of Chinese Astronomical Society and director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Xiangping said, in terms of astronomical observation, it has been long that in the China did not occupy the forefront of the position in the world. If there is no data accumulation, always use others "second-hand stuff", even to do the research, it is very difficult to achieve anything brilliant. The completion of the FAST will make up for the lack of observation field in china.

Wu Xiangping believes that FAST is very suitable for pulsar observation, can test the general theory of relativity. In addition, it is also very meaningful to the test of high energy physics, extreme physics and relativity.

In the view of astronomy experts Zhao Heng, after the completion of the FAST, the radio waves from the depths of the universe can be received, there will be a series of new discoveries, which will make the astronomical research level of our country take a big step to advanced ranks in the world.

Is FAST so sensitive that it can receive the extremely weak "alien" signal from the distant world and even find the "alien"?

"Fast can see from universe today to very far place, help uncover the mystery of the origin of the universe, even 'extraterrestrial'." said Wu Xiangping.

Zhao Zhiheng believes that the radio band observations have promoted the earth people ‘s understanding of the universe, such as the four major findings of 1960s: cosmic microwave background radiation, the class of stars, stars and interstellar organic molecules. In modern astronomy, there are still many mysteries about the “two darks and one black"( which is dark matter, dark energy, black hole). That FAST receives and amplifies the weak signals they send will help uncover the mystery.

Chinese Astronomical Society member, director of the Astronomical Society of Tianjin, Shi Zhicheng said that FAST is a scientific equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China, the international similar equipment will remain at a leading level for more than 20 years. It will detect distant signals and substances in the universe, such as electromagnetic waves, microwaves, lasers, all kinds of gases, organic matter, interstellar matter, stars and so on. It will make more precise observation to pulsars, quasars and all faint radiation source and explore in depth of their material structure, mechanism is. It is expected to contribute to understanding the origin of the universe and its evolution process. " If there are life or high IQ 'alien' in the universe, it is also possible that the information they have produced and left be detected and received by FAST, said Shi Zhicheng.

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