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By Nita Johnson
Seattle Services - July

…From last week… He uttered, “It is My goodness that divides the land of Israel!”

And in this same way, God has to touch the golden cow in America. In touching it, it’s going to affect the whole world. There is no country that is going to be left untouched, any more than there was in 2008. It’s going to touch the whole world. God is not doing this; man is. However, God is going to use it to help us. He’s going to use it to bring forth, from behind the veil, the evil Illuminati. It’s like the travail of a baby being born out of the womb. It’s like the birth pains that open the veil for the baby to come forth. And those birth pains, for most, are so incredibly painful. I mean, you’re just screaming your head off? At that time, you’re not thinking about, Oh joy, I can’t wait until I can do this again and have another baby. You’re making promises every second—never another child, never. Never. I will never go through this—aah!—again. Now, Artem’s wife didn’t go through the pains because she believed God to spare her of that. God honored her faith. I also have a niece that was walking on the sidewalk when she had the baby without pain. But those are few and far in between, right?

And in the same way, this next crisis is going to be like a birth pain. However, the veil that’s going to open is the truth of those who caused it. And finally, this nation is going to rise up and say, “We have been asleep. What in the world has been going on behind our backs that we refused to believe—that we refused to listen to? We have been asleep.” And it’s going to awaken the nation to the need for Christ so that all that the Elite wanted to do through this little incident—it’s going to prove to do just the opposite. They want to bring America into captivity, but it’s going to awaken the American people to such a degree that they’re going to be ready to fight for their righteousness and for their liberty. I don’t know that anything else could do quite what this is going to do, and that’s why God’s going to allow it. Plus, this is America’s golden cow. We have shoved our murky economic ways into the face of nations all over the earth and let them know that if their going to do business with us, their going to do it our way. So we have kindly planted networks of the American way all over the earth, and that has to be broken. Amen?

I’ve got so much to give to you tonight, and I don’t think I’m going to give it all since He told me to come back on the 7th. Let’s start with man’s plans, Elee, please start the PowerPoint. That song just keeps going over and over in my head. Artem, are we going to do that in the Gathering, I hope? It’s so powerful!

Let’s go first to the wringer washer. Do any of you remember the old wringer washers? Not something you’d want to put your hand through, right? Strokes that wound. Then you have the Scriptures: Proverbs 20:30, Jeremiah 30:17, and Isaiah 30:26. Basically, what the Lord is saying here is the strokes that wound are going to be strokes that heal. The Lord is going to go into the places that corruption has destroyed, and He’s going to heal our nation through this wringer washer. When I had the vision, I was here in this pulpit. I saw the American flag put into the wringers, sopping wet. When it came out the other side, it was shining with the light of heaven, glorious and beautiful. Strokes that wound will be our healing. Write this down. Pray about it. Remember it. Don’t forget it. Because when times get really rough for a little while, you’re going to think, He hasn’t heard one of our prayers. You will forget, that what you were praying was, “Heal our land. Heal our land, O God.” And no one knows how to be a healer more than He does. He knows exactly where the roots of the things are. He knows what is keeping America from His glory. He knows what it’s going to take to help us break free of that. He knows it all. And in knowing, He’s going to give us the strokes that will wound. He’s answering your prayer. Write that down. When the difficulties come, He’s answering our prayer.

Is He sending those difficulties? Not the ones I’m going to discuss with you now. Man is doing this, and it’s important to separate man from God in what’s coming. For instance Joseph’s brothers were not too cool, yet God ultimately used their evil for good. This was not only true for Joseph, but for Egypt, for Israel, the whole family, the whole tribe, and for many nations in the earth at that time. Joseph’s sufferings didn’t seem like anything was happening that could help anybody. They were strokes that were wounding, wounding, wounding, wounding, wounding, wounding—until it didn’t seem like it could wound any deeper. Joseph felt the irons of the wounds go deep into his soul. That’s what the Bible tells us. So he was hurting, and it didn’t look like there was any way that God would ever bring grace and glory into his horrible situation. It looked like man was in control, like Joseph was a has-been, and that he would never see his family again. How could his dreams come to pass? You know how people think when they get in trouble, right? And when trouble comes to this nation, we cannot allow ourselves to think that God is not in our midst. He promised He would see us through, that He would bring us through, and that He would do what He needed to do for the salvation of America. That’s what we all want, right? Okay.

The next one is Nazism. At some point in time, Nazism is going to come to America for a little bit. I don’t know when, and I’m glad that I don’t, but it is going to come to America for a little bit. When we get to the end of the path where the Antichrist has won most of the world, we are going to be the last vestige of his efforts. America and Israel will be the last nations touched by the Antichrist. So, we won’t be here. If we are going to be here, we won’t be here long because it will be at the very end of his reign. This is because we have prayed for fifteen years for God to forgive America. If we had not been faithful to our prayers—(my dear friends, how many of you come to the Gatherings?) Your prayers have made what I just said possible. You must know what it does to the heart of God to be able to defer all of that suffering from the American people. Because you prayed—you stood in the gap—you are going to see the power of God released. You’re going to see this part of His nature and character—of what He will do to a nation and for nation that prays. At this point in time we are not even talking about the whole army of intercessors. We are talking about just a small group of hundreds of the intercessors who attend the GOE’s as well as those who are with us in Joel’s Army and pray week to week with us. God is listening to the prayers. He is hearing the repentance, and He is healing the land, even though it doesn’t look like that right now.

Just think about this. If you have cancer, but they still do not have the ability to remove that particular cancer, or if they do have it, we haven’t heard about it. The need is to remove the cancer. It is going to take invasive surgery. Somehow there has to be invasion, right. Through some sort of intervention take the cancer out of the body. God works the same way. He invades. He creates a wound. He invades. Jesus came to me and showed me this many, many years ago. He invades, and opens a wound. He opens it right where He needs to open it to let all of the corruption and all of the poison out. It will just spill out like a river—sometimes for a long time if it’s really bad. During which, it will seem like Jesus has abandoned, the person that has been opened, or the nation that has been opened. it it will seem like God has abandoned, like He’s not even paying attention to all the suffering from His wound. Still, He hasn’t abandoned. The angels stand by, and they watch the gaping wound, and they watch the pouring out of the corruption. When it’s over, Jesus returns. He pours in His blood to bring healing to the interior of the wound, sews it up, and things are better than new. This is how He works. At least, it’s one of the major ways that He works. Sometimes it’s not that dramatic. Yet, when it is very important that He gets down to the foundational things so that He can do a work with a nation, He will do this.

But He’s also going to pour out revival during this time. So, as a friend of mine always says, it’s like a double-edged sword, and it is! While He is bringing discipline, it is wonderful if we’ve come to a place that He can also send the praise of revival and the glory of His Son. Part of this is going to be at some point in time, and again I don’t know when, but at some point in time, Nazism is going to enter this nation. I had another vision when I was sitting here in the chair tonight, and I saw the American flag. It was waving in the air when it became almost transparent. And as it became almost transparent, I saw the statue of liberty. Now Christians know that the Staute is not necessarily a good sign, but most of America looks at the statue of liberty as an icon of promise, and that’s what He was trying to say. “Liberty belongs to America. I will bring America to liberty. I have decreed America’s liberty.” That doesn’t fit with Nazism. So that tells you it’s not going to last very long. Nevertheless, you need to, as intercessors, start praying against it because this is man’s plan. It’s not God’s.

To be continued next week...

In His Love,
Nita Johnson

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