Thursday, 19 April 2018

God is Remarking You! You Are Re-Mark-Able-Joe Joe Dawson

Joe Joe Dawson, Texarkana, Texas
April 19, 2018

In a time of prayer, I heard the Lord say the word remarkable. I immediately got excited and told the Lord I liked the sound of that...remarkable. I then began to ask the Lord, "Is this a remarkable season? Is a remarkable event coming up? Or is it the next season?" Then the Lord started to reveal to me what He wanted the Body of Christ to know. I heard the Lord say the word "remarkable" but He broke up the word into 3 different parts: "Re–mark–able".

I Am Able to Remark
Then the Lord started at the end and said, "I am able to remark people." There are people who the Lord has marked but somewhere along the way something went wrong. I feel that some people have disqualified themselves because of different failures or circumstances. But my friends, God is able to remark you.

Even if you feel like you have lost your mark, you haven't! God is remarking you. Many of you may feel as if the Lord is far away from you, but my friends...if God seems far away from you He is not the one who moved. You may have pulled away from the Lord, but I feel so strongly that the Lord is remarking you today!

In 2 Kings 9, a young prophet came and anointed Jehu. Jehu's men came around him and were asking him what had happened. Jehu replied that the young prophets could be a little bit wild and crazy. Jehu was trying to hide that he had been marked by God. But the people around Jehu could tell that something had happened because the anointing oil was running down Jehu. He had been marked by God. When you are marked by God, everybody knows.

When You Encounter the Lord, It Marks You
I feel that the Lord is releasing many powerful encounters with the Lord to remark multitudes of people. When I talk with people who have backslidden, I always ask them about the encounters they have had with the Lord. So many times they will tell me they have never truly encountered the Lord for themselves. When you have truly encountered the Lord it marks you. You can never stray away from it.

For some people along the way, the schemes of the enemy have tried to pull you away and keep you from the heart of the Father. You may not feel like a child of God like you once did. You may not feel like you've been marked by God like you once did, but what the Lord is saying today, my friends, is that—He is calling people back and He is remarking them so He can do something powerful through you! He is able to remark you and put His stamp of approval upon you. This is your day and this is your season!

You Are a Beloved Child of God
Many people feel insecure and are walking in fear. They do not believe that they can step into all that God is calling them to. But I am telling you...just like the prodigal son when He came back to the Father, the Father immediately remarked His son with His approval and celebrated His son. You don't ever have to feel like your past makes you a second class citizen in the Kingdom of God. There is only one type of citizen in the Kingdom of God and that is us as beloved children of God. You are a child of God and your Father has marked you and is remarking you to do something very powerful in and through you.

My wife Autumn says this all the time, "The whole world knows who you are but sometimes you don't see who you are." It is time for the children of God to stop talking ourselves out of our dreams, out of our callings, and start saying yes and allow the Lord to remark us for His Kingdom and His glory.

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