Thursday, 11 October 2018

Be Released into Your New Season!

Oct 01, 2018

by Cindy Jacobs

The Lord has been giving me a great word, and many other prophets have received something similar: This is a time of acceleration, and this is a season of “suddenlies.”

The Lord is saying, “Not only is it a time of acceleration, but I am taking you to a season of extreme acceleration. It is going to be fast when the ‘suddenlies’ come.”

God is going to pull many threads together, and I want to remind you that just before your breakthrough--just before your season of extreme acceleration that releases your suddenly moment--satan will attack with full force. Don’t let it be a surprise to you. When the attack comes, don’t lose it and say, “Oh, why doesn’t God love me?”

It’s a time to say, “Wow, if this is happening--all these attacks--I’m just about to have my breakthrough! I’m about to come to extreme acceleration. I’m about to come to my suddenly moment.”

Father, I thank You for this. We thank You, in the name of Jesus, that depression has to go, weariness has to go, loneliness has to go, harassments have to go.
Now be released into your new season!

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