Thursday, 15 November 2018

Nazarite pioneers-Joe Joe Dawson

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Recently in a time of prayer, the Lord began to speak to me about Nazarite pioneers. God spoke to me, “I am releasing My Nazarite pioneers in regions all over America and the world.” The Nazarites in scripture, as Lou Engle says, were the hinge of history for Israel. Whenever it seemed Israel was in their darkest hour, God would raise up the Nazarites. The same is true for America today. There are many who are prophesying doom and gloom and that God has given up on America but they are wrong. God has placed Nazarites pioneers in regions all over America who will stand up for revival, the Apostolic and Prophetic movements, and the presence and power of God. God is not finished with America.

You may feel like you are alone in your city or church. You may feel like the only one who is standing and believing for God to do something great. If you feel this way, you may be a Nazarite pioneer. You may be the very one that God is wanting to use. The Nazarites were individuals that lived a holy and consecrated life to God. They gave their lives to be set apart. They refused to be around anything that was dead. They wouldn’t partake of the simple pleasures of the world that would lead them astray. They were holy and set apart for the things of God.

Pioneers are those that blaze a trail. Pioneers are like the “river in a desert” that Isaiah 43:19 talks about. Pioneers bring refreshing and life to dry places. Pioneers makes paths in the wilderness where there is no trail. Pioneers will go through the hardship and difficulty to blaze a trail for those coming behind them. Nazarite pioneers are those that hear the word of God from Heaven, put it into their heart and spirit, and they become a driving force to see it accomplished in the earth. Nazarite pioneers change their cities, churches and regions. They shift their states and nations until the spiritual climate becomes like Heaven.

Even in scripture, when a Nazarite stepped onto the scene, they were often attacked and criticized because they were bringing change. When pioneers start to blaze a trail and start to change the landscape, many become frustrated with them because pioneers disrupt the existing structures and geographical location. Nazarite pioneers take down principalities, strongholds, and demonic forces that have been ruling over regions for many years. Nazarite pioneers take down false prophets, false religions and the religious spirit. Nazarite pioneers cannot stand the religious spirit. They will fight it even when it seems that all of Hell is coming against them. Nazarite pioneers will fight anything and everything that tries to stop the moving of the Holy Spirit and what God wants to do in the earth.

Look for the Nazarite pioneers in your region. You will see revival hubs, glory centers, and churches receive a fresh touch from God. Churches will be awakened and stop trying to draw people in with worldly enticement and manipulation. Instead, the churches will be filled with the power and presence of God. The way church has been in America will change. God is raising up His Nazarite pioneers for such a time as this. One translation of the Bible calls the Nazarite, the long-haired champions. This is the time and this is the season that the true champions of God will step into the forefront. Get ready! True revival, awakening, and reformation are coming to America. God will use His Nazarite pioneers to blaze the trail for the move of God that is coming! I pray that you are one of those Nazarite pioneers that God will use to bring Heaven to earth. Nazarite pioneers, arise!

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