Wednesday, 1 May 2019

I Heard the Lord Say, 'Are You Ready for the Unseen Realm?'-Bobby Haaby

The Unseen Realm
I'll never forget the day that it happened. After four years of almost daily, major, revelatory encounters with God in the unseen realm, He said, "Are you ready for the Unseen Realm yet?" I replied, "I thought that's what I have been experiencing." That's the day that everything changed and the only word to describe my new season was the word "unseen." I felt like I was a ninja warrior in training, who had just been blindfolded and told to win anyway. I knew that everything I had grown accustomed to seeing was still there, both good and evil, and yet I felt alone and wondered if I had done something wrong to deserve this seeming "all stop." After all, seers are supposed to see...right?

The next four years under that blindfold taught my other senses to come alive and I began to anticipate the next moves of God and the enemy before they would happen. For those life-shaping, four years, extracting revelation from the Word and unlikely people and places became a secret to seeing glimpses of Him; like finding water in the roots of a desert sage. I never knew the power and purpose of mystery until I truly entered the "Unseen Realm."

Fear of the Unknown vs the Mystery of God
I love mentoring prophetic people. A healthy prophetic person is not afraid of a controlling religious environment. In fact, they do their best work there. They run to the challenge because they understand that their role is to impart a love for mystery. Fear hates mystery, this is why a sure sign of an emerging, healthy, prophetic person or culture is seen not just in an accurate gifting, but when fear of the unknown gives way to discovering peace and beauty in the God of mystery.

The spirit of fear has tried to behead prophetic forerunners for centuries, because whenever the Spirit of Elijah falls on and ignites an emerging mantle, the first signs of breakthrough are seen in an environment that is not afraid of the unknown. A healthy, prophetic environment is NOT just an environment that solves Heaven's mysteries, but a culture of powerful people who have learned to be at peace and present in mystery. It's time to reshape the narrative and uncover the lie.

Mystery and the unseen realm were never designed to create fear and limitation. They were created by God as places of exhilarating and peaceful adventure and discovery. The enemy desires to distort the purpose of mystery and releases fear in order keep us from a steadfast commitment to a God, who is often found in mystery.

Is Your Vision Limited to What You Can Perceive?
One way to measure this is by asking yourself the question: "Is my vision limited to the things I can perceive?" You were born to discover, not to run from the unseen. God doesn't hide things from you, He hides things for you. Your prophetic edge thrives best in the journey of discovering a God who makes Himself known in mystery.

You Are More Revelatory Than You Know
If fear of the unknown has harassed you, then be encouraged, you are more revelatory than you know and the enemy of the prophetic is trying to steal your mystery. Decide today that the best defense is a good offense. Put on your prophetic mantle; stare into the eyes of the Ancient One and declare: "I am not afraid of mystery, because it's there that I will find You."

Revelation is the tangible unfolding of God Himself, the Mystery of mysteries. A billion years from now we will still be's who we are. When the "seen" seems to become "unseen," you are not alone, everything is still right in front you. Don't quit, stay in the game; close your eyes and really look. Suddenly, faith will not feel like a blindfold anymore, but the very thing used by God to make the "Unseen Realm" come alive.

A new doorway into the spirit realm and heavenly encounters is opening to those who have learned to "see" in every season. The "God of the Unseen" has seen the watchmen faithfully watching and is lifting the veil to reveal untold mysteries sealed until these days.

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