Thursday, 15 August 2019


Joe Joe Dawson
August 15, 2019

Recently the Lord spoke to me in a time of prayer and said, “The waves are coming.” As the Lord spoke this to me, I saw a vision of waves rolling into a shoreline, one after another. As the Lord continued to speak to me about this, I heard, “Are people really in position to receive what is coming towards them?”

My wife, Autumn and I love the beach and love to visit the ocean. If we are up on the balcony of a resort, we can hear the waves and see them rolling up onto the shore. If we’re on the beach soaking in the sun we can hear and see the waves but the details are much clearer because we are closer. But unless we get out into the water we will not be able to feel the waves crashing in over and over again. I believe that this word from the Lord is similar to this. We must properly position ourselves to experience the waves God is sending to His people in this season. I believe that there are 10 things we can expect as the waves begin to crash in on our lives as the Lord has promised.

The first thing we should expect is to receive more prophetic dreams. The second thing we can expect is to hear more clearly and more frequently prophetically. The third thing we can expect from the waves coming in is to carry in Kingdom finances. I believe we can expect these waves to be waves of provision. The fourth thing we can expect to see as the Lord sends these waves is strong friendships being established or reestablished. In life and in ministry, true friends are sometimes hard to come by. It is so important to surround yourself with people you can run with and do life with.

I also believe these are waves of revelation. The fifth thing you can expect is for the waves that are coming to carry new insight, wisdom and revelation into your life. When you read the Word, you will understand it and have fresh revelation of what God is speaking. These waves of revelation will impart strategic wisdom to you that you need for different situations. The sixth thing we can expect from the coming waves is to experience greater peace. The waves will bring in the peace of God that surpasses all understanding no matter what circumstance you may find yourself in.

The seventh thing to expect is joy. No matter what is happening in the natural these waves will bring in unconditional and unshakeable joy. The joy of the Lord will be your strength in this season. The eighth thing we can expect with the coming waves are waves of excitement. Anytime we choose to obey the Lord, we will experience the excitement that comes from following God. The ninth thing we can expect is to encounter God. God is releasing fresh encounters over many people in the season. The waves that are coming are full of true, powerful encounters with the Lord. One encounter with God can shift everything in your life. And finally, the tenth thing we can expect is strength. Anytime God pours out His Spirit, favor, power, or revelation the enemy will try to fight it. However, even if you experience warfare in this season, the waves are bringing in supernatural strength.

The waves are coming and we must properly position ourselves to experience everything God wants to accomplish in and through us during this time. Get ready, my friends! The waves are coming and the tide is changing. This is a powerful season that we must not miss out on!

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