Saturday, 12 October 2019

Prayer of Spiritual warfare

Dear father and father,

I would bow my head before you to worship and praise your holy name. In prayer, I would cover it with the blood of the Lord Jesus to protect me. If Satan blocked it, I would be ready to work with the Holy Spirit to resist all its actions. I would only like to communicate with the real and living God and refuse any disturbance from Satan.

Satan, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you and all your servants to leave, and I will put the precious blood of Jesus among us.

Father Abba, I worship and praise you. I admit that you deserve all glory, honor and praise. Even if I fail, I must reconfirm my loyalty to you, obey your words of love, bless the Holy Spirit, and help me pray. Thank God Father for loving me before I was created, for sending Jesus into the flesh to die for me, and for redeeming me. Thank Jesus for being my substitute for my sins, God forgives my sins completely and gives me eternal life. You put Jesus'righteousness and holiness on me like a robe and call me righteous. I am a perfect man in Jesus. Thank Jesus for giving me yourselves as my daily help and strength.

Abba Heavenly Father, open my eyes so that I can see how great you are and how wonderful you have prepared for this new day. In the name of Jesus'victory, I will declare aloud that all the rulers, the rulers and all evil spirits are under my control. Today I will wear God's full military uniform, that is, to gird my waist with truth, to cover my chest with righteousness and to cover my chest with peace. The gospel of Ann is worn on his feet as a shoe to prepare for walking, and with faith as a rattan card, he can destroy all the Rockets of the wicked, wear a helmet of salvation, and hold the sword of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, by the Holy Spirit, pray and pray in many ways at any time.

Abba Heavenly Father, because Jesus has won, I believe that I am on the throne of victory because I believe that Jesus is saved and Jesus is with me. I can easily discern the hints, accusations and temptations of rejecting Satan. I am confident that the Word of God is truly blessed. I want to live in the light of your Word, obey prayer, let the Holy Spirit change my heart, hate things that do not please you, and love what you think is good, better than ever. Weakness, I would like to accept the work of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit in my body, mind and soul, and re-shape me.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help me, I would like to take off the old and enter the death of Jesus on the cross by faith. I would like to wear the new into the power of Jesus'resurrection and enjoy the holiness and victory of sin. Now I want to take off selfishness and put on love; take off fear and put on courage, take off weakness, put on strength, put on righteousness and holiness. Take off (... bad habits...) and put on (... good).

I am willing to strive to enter the victory and glory of the ascension of the Son of God. In Christ I am in the victorious position with Jesus. Now I can overcome all enemies. I recognize and remember this truth. Holy Spirit of Glory, fill me with you and enter my life. Now break all idols, lies and subdue my enemies for me.
Thank Heavenly Father, Your will has been revealed to me in the Bible. I do what you want me to do today. I teach me to enjoy all spiritual blessings in Christ.

Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have a lively hope. Thank you for everything you have prepared so that I can live a life full of the Holy Spirit today, with love, joyment and restraint. I recognize that this is your will. I want to To resist Satan's actions and not let his servants take God's will from my heart. Today I will hold the cane of faith and resist Satan's lies, accusations and hints in my heart.

Abba Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will sacrifice myself as a living sacrifice. I will no longer follow the example of the world. May you renew and change my mind and act in the richness of your will.
Abba Father God, you said - the weapon of our war is not blood, but the ability to break through the strong barracks before God, to break through all kinds of schemes to prevent people from knowing God's arrogance, and to break through all kinds of blessings of the Holy Spirit. Now come, break the barracks in my heart, take back my heart, and submit me to Christ. I believe that God has given me not timidity. The heart is the heart of love. I want to give my heart to the Lord. Now, in the name of Jesus, I will break the camp of Satan's emotions that occupy me. I will give my feelings to the Lord and break the camp of Satan's will to occupy me, and I will strengthen my will to break the camp that Satan occupies my body, my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and live for the will of God every day.

Dear Father, please revive my soul today, and show me Satan's obstruction, temptation, lies, and plots to misinterpret the truth, so that I can be wise and wise, and take God's heart as my heart, and become your joy. Let you be the first in life, and I will be able to satisfy my joy.

Finally, I will use the precious blood of Jesus as my cover and protection, the blessed Holy Spirit to crucify, resurrect, glorify ascend to heaven, and the advent of Pentecost to run in my life and in my life. I am willing to surrender to you, not lose heart and not lose heart. I believe that in your hope, you have triumphed in your power. I declare that in all respects, you can win by the Lord over the power of the wicked. I reject the power of black and evil, thank you for praying in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Spiritual warfare Scriptures:

1. Because although we act in the blood, we do not fight by the blood. Our weapons of war are not of flesh, but of power before God to break through strong barracks, to break down all kinds of schemes and all kinds of arrogant things that prevent people from knowing God, and to take back all the hearts of men, so that they may obey Christ. And I am ready to punish all those who do not obey when you are very obedient. (10:3-6 after forest)

The Lord made his people grow and multiply, making them stronger than their enemies. (Psalm 105:24)

But thus saith the Lord: Even the plunder of the mighty may be taken back, and the plunder of the violent may be saved. I will fight against him who contends with you; I will save your children. And I will make him who oppresses you eat his flesh and drink his blood as if he were drinking sweet wine. Whoever has blood will know that I am the Lord, your Savior, your Redeemer, the mighty one. (Match 49:25-26)

He gives strength to those who are tired; he strengthens those who are weak. (race 40:29)

I have given you the land that your feet have tread on, as I promised. (Book 1:3)

No one will be able to stand in front of you all your life. If I am with you, I will be with you; I will not leave you, nor will I abandon you. (Book 1:5)

Behold, I set you up above all the kingdoms of the kingdoms today, so that they may be pulled out, destroyed, destroyed, overturned, and planted and planted. (yeah 1:10)

For righteousness you will be established, and you will be free from oppression and fear; you will be free from fear, and fear will not come near you. Even if someone gathers, it will not be for me; whoever gathers against you will fall because of you. (Match 54:14-15)

Whoever makes an instrument against you will not use it; whoever raises a tongue against you in judgment, you will condemn him. This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, their righteousness from me. This is what the Lord says. (race 54:17)

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD: This counsel shall not stand, nor shall it be accomplished. (race 7:7)

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