Saturday, 12 October 2019

Pray for the Strength from the Lord

[Written by Rebecca Barlow Jordan]

Jesus, sometimes I can almost feel the weight of pressure increasing, and the power of darkness is right next to me. I realized that the enemy was working again. Whether it's trying to frustrate me, to derail me, to put me on trial, to give up, or to take my eyes off you, it's always waiting for me to do something.

"I need your supernatural ability, Lord, to stand stronger than to yield. Physical strength cannot help me, because you have said that spiritual weapons of war are different from the world. As believers, our weapons are powerful enough to break through all the strong barracks and lies. These supernatural weapons come from you. By your name and your precious blood, Jesus, I ask you to confuse your enemy and remove its plot to limit my influence and mine. Help me not to become frustrated or even want to give up in the difficult times of trial.

"When I am tired and weak, you are still strong. Lord, you are my only help. I can't fight without you. Teach me how to pray and how to trust you to break through the strong barracks that make me and others feel helpless. Protect me from the isolation that exposes me and makes me vulnerable. I believe that by your death and resurrection, you have destroyed the enemy's power. But enemies always appear like scoundrels, spreading lies, distorting truth, and trying to inflate my pride. He never dies.

"Lord, today I declare that the enemy and his pawns are liars. With your precious name and precious blood, I believe in your words, in the truth that you are already in me, and you are greater than the enemies who rule the world. Lord, your words and your prayers are my hidden weapons. I belong to you, which gives me strong heavenly confidence. I want to keep wearing the uniform you gave me. It also helped me use it to protect others from Satan's fierce arrows. No one or anything can take me away from you."

"Lord, strengthen my faith! Forgive my sins, so that I may be cleansed by your righteousness. Give me courage so that I can stand and fight well in my life and in the world. Give me spiritual wisdom and discernment, so that I will not be caught off guard on the battlefield. Lord, with you, we must win, because you have won.

"Pray in the name of Jesus'mighty power. Kneel down before you, Amen!"


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