Sunday, 13 October 2019

Refuel, Embrace & Mount the Horse of New Things!

Chuck Pierce & team
October 13th, 2019

This is your day of refueling. Though you are now in a holding mode to come in to landing, your fuel needs to be filled again. Allow the refueling to occur; you have not yet finished and landed, but you are close. In the midst of your closeness I am beginning to reconnect into that which I have for you. I will supernaturally infuse you! I will give you an octane you have not had before. Get ready -- your refueling week is ahead! In the midst of your joy you will mount up with new strength.

I saw this picture - it was like you were wrapped with a string like a top. And all of a sudden, the Lord says - 「I am ready to finish」. And He pulled that string. And all of that - what you have been going through, everything that’s been intertwined in this last season, the Lord says 「I am going to pull it, and it’s going to accelerate your motion forward」.

The Lord says - 「You are going to ride with Me. You are going to ride into a new place with Me. You will have to be willing to trust Me in this next season to remount, get up, and let Me lead you through and past the narrow place, so you can see the place I have for you. It’s an awesome place.」 There are some that won’t even get on the horse, because they have the fear of falling off and not being able to rise again, nor ride again. The Lord says - 「I’ve got a people that I am mounting up right now. They are getting back on the horse that I have for them. And that horse is taking them down a new road, into a new field, with a new expansion. And I say - ‘You have never entered into the milk and honey that I am about to have you taste’!」

If you have a fear of horses, it means you are fearful that you cannot control the power that’s about to come into your life. Let it go, and let it break open! You have got to overcome the spirit, because this horse is a new anointing, new gifting, new talent, the new way, the new things that God wants to do in your life. So, embrace the horse, embrace your new anointing... Walk in it, take a step in the water, and watch it pour for you. Because God has something exciting for you. Take the horse He gives to you. Don’t try to choose what you want. Don’t try to choose one that’s already broken, already knows how to do everything, already been ridden for 10 or 15 years. Take the horse He gives you, get on it and ride!

I saw a lot of people on the saddles gripping to the old hurt. The Lord says - 「You don’t even need a saddle to move under the new. I am not just going to replace your horse. I am going to give you a stallion. That mane is going to be long. You are going to grip on to the stallion. Its muscles are all ripped.」 The Lord says - 「Just get on. And there will be a synergy with your horse this day that you have never seen in the past season.」

God is trying to breakthrough today in control and fear. He is trying to show you - forgive, and get moving. God is circling in this place today to reveal to you - you must let go of yesterday’s hurt and trauma, to receive the power of His anointing today, to equip you to minister in a way you have never ministered before. Start to say - 「I am just letting go. I am getting to know what He has placed in front of me. And I am going to rise up and ride. I am not going to back up. I am not going to give in to an old hurt or an old pain.」 Now reach up and grab hold to that power. And let His anointing come down on you, breaking the yokes of yesterday, so that you can move in to the freedom of tomorrow.

There is something the Lord is doing with us today. It’s almost like it’s a new start. There is something going by the Spirit today that is taking you to a new place. You are breaking strings that people tied on you from the last season. You are taking strings off your finger, because you are afraid you will forget. There are some things you need to let go of, and forget, and move on. The Lord says - 「I have got other ways to do what I am going to do in your life」. You have been a hidden invention that God has been creating. And He is about to pull the cover off you, and reveal what you are about in this next season.

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