Wednesday, 30 October 2019

You Will Make an Impact

Cindy Jacobs
October 30th, 2019

The Lord would say to you, "I'm going to use you to make an impact. You're going to be an impactful person." I feel like some of you have lost hope that you could be that person. I’m feeling by the Spirit that some of you in times past thought, "I'm going to do great things for God; I'm going to accomplish so much." But at this moment you just don't have a belief or a hope that it is still going to happen.

But the Lord says, "I have not changed My mind about you. Don't settle in and believe the lies of Satan.” Some of you are disappointed, or you feel like you're not approved somehow, or maybe you're just stuck. But the Lord says, "No, you're never stuck in My kingdom because My kingdom is an advancing kingdom."

So raise up your expectations. Go back and pull that dream from the past or even that emotion that said, “I want to make an impact.” The Lord says, "I have called you to do that. I have a place for you to do that. Don't doubt it."

I bind the spirit of doubt and unbelief, and I say to you, “Right now, that depression has to go.” Listen, you are receiving this word of encouragement because God wants to lift you up. This may be something you're going to need to listen to in the dark of the night. This may be something you're going to have to just go for and say, "You know, I feel low," but the Lord is saying He's going to bring you high.

Grab a hold of this word and say, "I am a person of impact that God is going to use to advance His kingdom." God bless you.

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