Wednesday, 8 January 2020

2020 - A Blast-Off Year

Ruth Hendrickson
Jan 6, 2020

As we entered into 2020, I felt the Lord saying that this is a blast-off year!

Waiting with Expectation

Many people feel as if they have been in waiting. Simeon was a man who waited for the promise of the Messiah, "...He was righteous and devout and was eagerly waiting for the Messiah to come and rescue Israel. The Holy Spirit was upon him and had revealed to him that he would not die until he had seen the Lord's Messiah" (Luke 2:25-26 NLT). And Anna was also familiar with waiting as she "...never left the Temple but stayed there day and night, worshiping God with fasting and prayer" (Luke 2:37 NLT).

They grew "old" in the waiting, yet never lost sight of the promise of God. Then, one day, everything changed. That which was promised came to pass. In a moment, they stepped into the long-awaited promise of God as they beheld a baby.

That baby, Jesus, had not yet done anything from a human perspective. Nonetheless, Simeon, as he held that baby, was holding the promise of God – his very own salvation. Simeon proclaimed that God had fulfilled His promise in that he had seen God's salvation (Luke 2:29-32). In the same way, Anna, upon seeing Jesus, immediately began praising God and talking about this bundle of promise to anyone and everyone who would listen (Luke 2:38).

Are you waiting? Are you waiting with expectation?

Rockets and Launchpads

As the Lord was speaking, He showed me a picture of a rocket. Portions of the rocket were manufactured in various places and brought together and assembled. Although the rocket was assembled, the full potential of the rocket was still only a distant vision and had not yet manifested. The rocket needed to first be moved to the launch pad. If you have ever observed a massive rocket being moved, it is a slow process.

Like the rocket, some of you feel as if you have been assembled by the Lord, prepared, but are just creeping along. Through the "creeping along," we can lose sight of the launch pad. The Lord says, "This is a blast-off year; do not despise the slow progress toward the launch pad. It is vital that you do not launch prematurely. I have the perfect date on my calendar. 2020 is a blast-off year. Keep your sights on the launch pad. You have not missed it."

As I heard this, I was immediately reminded of Acts 2. The disciples had been waiting. They had walked with Jesus, ministered with Jesus, seen signs, wonders, and miracles. Remember, they had also witnessed the death of Jesus. There was so much that they could not understand. And yet, they were told to wait. This was a pivotal moment filled with questions.

In the wait, there is a temptation to launch prematurely. Allow the Lord to pour in the fuel and ignite at just the right time.

Loading and Shaking

There is another group that has reached the launch pad, and the fuel has been injected but not ignited. The payload is on board and you are waiting for the shaking to start.

God says, "All that you need has been placed within you. Like Elizabeth had to wait for John to be born – the promised child in her old age. You hear the greeting of the Lord, and that which He has placed within you leaps for joy! Get ready for the fuel will be ignited. There is a great shaking that comes as you prepare to blast-off. Hang on tight to Me and do not allow fear or discouragement to enter in."

Shake, Rattle, and Blast Off!

The final group is feeling the shaking. This is not only individuals but also nations. There is much shaking, and it can feel like everything is about to fall apart. However, the Lord says, "I have prepared you. Am I not in control? That shaking has to happen for you to reach the heights to which I have called you. The power of the Holy Spirit must ignite in, through, and around you. Allow My joy to be your strength in ways that you never imagined, and I will hold you together through the shaking. As you look ahead, dream with Me, for as you hear the roar of the launch, you will also hear the roar of the Lion of Judah."

God will ignite the fuel at the precise moment. Not everyone will take off at the same moment, for the plans and purposes that God has for each individual and nation is unique. The payloads are specific, unique and diversified. Keep your focus on the Lion of Judah and look with anticipation.

Fire will destroy anything near or in the vicinity of the rocket as it blasts off. So it is with the roar of the Lion of Judah. When the Lion of Judah roars, the enemy is paralyzed. Get ready – 2020 is a year of a massive movement. Prepare for blast-off.

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