Saturday, 1 February 2020

A Now Word for China!

Veronika West
January 29, 2020

I heard The Spirit say this concerning the nation of China:

“The nation of China is now at a spiritual tipping point. The voices of My Righteous Remnant can be heard crying out day and night.

Watch and pay attention! For that which has been hidden and concealed underground will now be seen and revealed, for the Blood of My Son marks the doorposts of My set-apart ones, for surely as the spirit of death passes over, they shall not be taken, but they shall arise to testify to the preserving power of My Grace and Mercy.

Watch and pray! For I say again, the nation of China is now at a spiritual tipping point.

Watch! For the face of death shall be upon many in this hour. But look! For even now a mighty Remnant Army rises in the land with words of life and liberty upon their lips and the atmosphere of fear and death shall be shifted and lifted.

My beloved, these are the days of divine distinction, as My Sheep shall emerge from among the goats and there shall be a divine separation as the harvest winds now blow upon the threshing floor of the nations.

Watch! For a great sifting and shaking has come upon the land!”

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