Saturday, 1 February 2020

Chuck Pierce & GZI team:A New Era - Moving from Maintaining to Conquest!

Decree that you are being unlocked to see your future, and to move through into this new era. You have to understand that - time has changed, and we are not in the same time zone that we were in in the last season. Now you decree - 「A new era has broken into your atmosphere」. Shout a shout of triumph! We will move from maintaining Promises to the day of Conquest, where you occupy your Promise. Decree right now - 「The day of Conquest is being created for your life!」

This new wind is releasing new strength in you for every battle ahead, blowing off the war structures that tried to hold you captive in last season. Receive that new wind! This new wind is breaking down scattering what has come from last season. And there is a new wind of release that is being released from earth realm, which is now going to gather and reform what got scattered in the last season. Receive the wind!

I know of no year that was more testing than last year. But we have already crossed through it! Your tests have produced a new level of enlargement to the right and to the left. Fulfillment is working in your spirit man. You have a new capacity. And you are ready - those tests have produced a testimony in you that will be spoken this year, and cause an overcoming spirit.

This is the way the last season looked - it looked like we were in a waterfall, going head long down, and wondering how in the world at what would happen at the end of that fall. But the Lord wants you to see this - He already had Glory waiting, you were falling into a new movement of Glory. And the Lord says - 「You might not be right yet ready to forge your river ahead, but you are already in the next move of what I have for you. Get ready - your boat didn’t sink, you are about to go down a new river」. Say - 「I am already in a new river ahead!」 This isn’t the season we can be quiet.

You will see what has been tied up. And you will see what has been needed that you couldn’t have access to in other seasons. You will say 「I need that for this season」, and it will untie and be a part of what you will be doing. Get ready, for you will not only untie, but you will bind up what has been keeping you from moving in realms that you couldn’t move. This is your untie and binding up season that I have entered you into.

You will command 「one to the left and one to the right」. You will begin to operate in ways where you know that I have set some to go before you. You will say 「Now come behind me」, and I will send a troop to cover you as you advance. I say - 「Now you have entered into a realm, and I am surrounding you with the help you need」.

In the last season, you were like a knife that was cutting down on something, and you had to use a lot of force. But now I am causing you to be flipped over and so sharpened that things as they fall on you, you will split them half. The Lord is unlocking ancient storehouses. They were storehouses that have been planted thousands of years ago. The Word has been waiting - 「Unlocking here, unlocking there」, says the Lord. And you will find favor even with your foes. 「There will be unusual storehouses」, says the Lord, 「Unlock with your mouth」.

What didn’t prosper in one era can prosper in another era. You have to let go and enter in through a time zone into what God is doing today. Faith works in place and time. Though you went through terrible times like Jacob did for 20 years, you enter through and all of a sudden you are back into the Promise God has given you. Decree right now - 「A new level of prosperity on you」.

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