Thursday, 20 February 2020

Chuck Pierce & GZI team:Cry Out For the Unsatisfied Riches In Your Blood!

I say to you - 「Evil has kept you out many times from having what I have for you」. I say - 「Open your eyes this season in a new way, for there’s riches in your blood that you have not cried out for」. I say to you - 「I will set your blood crying out this season, and you will hear the voice of the blood in you that has never been satisfied. I have been waiting for that blood in your bloodline to say ‘We want it all what You have for us’!」 Every place you walk is unlocking the sheets that have covered over God’s riches.

In these 12 days, the Lord says 「There is a reading of the Will in the testament」. You open your ears, you listen as you never listen, you read that word, for God says 「I am breaking open your inheritance to you, your identity to you. Who you are is My sons and daughters in ways you never imagined. Listen, for I am reading the Will.」

I spoke a light through the ages, right in Ephesians 1. And I say - 「Now that light is beginning to surround you. You will wake up and see that you are filled with light, for I say now this age, this age, this age, My name will be known」. I will reveal who I am as Father in ways you have never known Me. Therefore, My Father’s heart will spread through this earth in a way that it is never spread through. Break the struggling off. Break that which are slavery strategies that are trying to keep you in slavery, let go now. Father is watching after you.

Father, we say - 「That which has followed after us in Spirit realms to keep us from stepping into our inheritance, we come into agreement that the power of that is breaking. We come into agreement right now that You are ordering our weapons, so that we can move with confidence in a new way. Lord, I loose confidence, come and reveal to us Your limitless grace, Your unfathomable power. Father, we say - 「Let us see You beyond where we have seen You! Lift us into our position!」 Speak over everything that tried to hit you - 「Let there be light!」 Break limitness off of you!

I say to you - 「You are about to travel in new ways. You are going on to a path that has never been broken fully through. You are going to create roads that I have always had there that have never been uncovered」. I say - 「Get ready, for I am commissioning a traveling through you in this era」.

Now take a turn and tell that spirit of fear - 「You have no place on this highway」. I am giving you new destinations, for all the riches are waiting in heavenly places that I must uncover in the earth realm that has been covered over by the enemy. I say - 「Uncover through sound. Uncover through light that which the enemy has covered over」. Take a turn, face off your pursuers.

Father, we say - 「You are sending us a rear guard to push us forward」. I am unlocking a Glory realm that will push you forward. Tell your pursuers that the Glory will stop them upon their pursuit. Abundant Grace like a river is flowing down. The Throne is releasing it into and through God’s people right now.

I am uncovering the hood of your understanding intellect. The wide hood is coming off your Faith, coming off the way that you perceive the Word of God. The Lord says - 「There have been too many boundaries as you read My Word, and it’s not flowing like a river that I command it to flow. Know this day that the wide hood of intellect and education that decides to not let My river flow, it is broken in the name of Jesus, the son of the living God. Intellect does not rule over the Word of God in this land. 」

I have come to break the hand of Pharaoh. I have come to break that power of the long-standing challenge that you have been struggling with. That thing that has been long-standing, lifelong struggle, I am coming to deal with it! It’s time - enough is enough! Every unfair disadvantage that you have had to face, all of your life, I am fighting for you this day! And you will win!

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