Friday, 14 February 2020

Chuck Pierce & GZI team:Seek Opportunity & Lasso Your Promised Inheritance!

My people have been looking through a filter. The filter has been made up of their desire and the enemy’s plan. Therefore, they are missing their opportunities. And I say - 「Look for your opportunities during this season. And when you see that I have set an opportune time before you, the filter will begin to dissipate」.

The other thing I heard the Lord say is that - 「The enemy has been waiting for this moment」. And what He means by that is the enemy knows that God has a powerful kingdom remnant that is going to arise. And the enemy has been watching and waiting for that moment. Because it’s just as the people of the days of Joshua were waiting for 40 years, knowing that eventually this people would come in and enter the land. The Lord says - 「The enemy knows that there is movement in My camp. Therefore, don’t fear the enemy in this season. The enemy already fears you」. That’s going to be our biggest mindsets to shift as we move forward.

The third thing I heard or I saw is - The Lord says 「I am giving My people lariat ropes」. I saw all of a sudden how lots of portions of our inheritance was trying to run from us. And the Lord says - 「You are going to lasso it this year and bring it back in.」 I mean that takes a little skill and accuracy coming from us. It’s almost like shooting with a bow and an arrow, only your target is moving, and you have to surround it and pull it back in the place.

You have been swimming upstream. And you said - 「How long Lord will I have to swim upstream instead of going with the flow?」 The Lord says - 「Don’t stop now, for you are paving the way against a move that I am ready to change. I am using you to create a new course and to bring forth new fruit」. So let me blow new strength in you, so that what I have been developing in you can be spawned in days ahead. Keep pressing, your future is about to be seated. Don’t stop swimming now, until you get to the pool that I have for you, and then you will see your future.

You have been crying out from your maze. And in the midst of your maze, I say - 「Awaken, awaken, for now light is coming in to show you a path. Wind is coming in to show you a path」. What you thought you would be confused and circle into a wrong area of the maze that you have been in, I say - 「You will see clearly, and say now this is what I have been walking toward.」

This will be a season that I redeem sound from past seasons. For that sound is still in the atmosphere, and it was captured many times and used by the enemy. But I will uncover and redeem sound. So listen for the redeeming sound.

Lord, You are bringing a myriad of redemptive development. You are bringing in manifold wisdom over how to redeem what the enemy has put film over. There is going to be so much that the enemy took from the last season that God’s people rejected. The enemy took it when we rejected, and he put film over it and covered over sound. The Lord says - 「My hand is coming to sweep across, and remove the covering that the enemy has put on much of what I long to do」.

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