Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Chuck Pierce & GZI Team:Dig New Well - Spring Into New Possibility With Favor!

You are stepping into a division of possibility that you have never been in before. It’s like going into a new country, or into a new territory, a whole different one. Come into a new continent of possibility, some place you didn’t even know that was possible for action to go on.

The realm that you ask for, today is the day that you are going to have. Decree that 「Favor is your identity」! Let’s ask new favor to go into new possibilities. Say it with your mouth - 「New favor for new possibilities!」 Your revelation of favor is absolutely necessary for this 「pey」 decade.

This is a season I am going to cause you to dig new wells. This is a time that you are not just going to uncover old wells, but new wells I am going to cause you to dig in this season. Behold, I do all things new. I have new things for each generation. And I have new things for this generation. So do not be satisfied with only uncovering old wells. I am a creative God. I am going to even cause to dig wells in dry places, places that have been dry of My Spirit. Watch Me as I give you the ability to dig down. There will be wells of refreshing water, wells of revelation, wells of healing, wells of deliverance that you have never known. Get ready, and watch the rivers begin to flow from new wells in this season.

And I say - 「If you are willing to dig, I am willing to blow. If you are willing to dig, I will blow on that which needs to flow on your behalf. If you are willing to dig now, I will cause some things to flow on your behalf that will accelerate. Though you have been just chugging along, you will accelerate into a place that you have never accelerated into.」

Decree right now - 「The casualty covenants in our bloodline are coming to an end!」 Father, we say right now there are certain casualty covenants in our bloodline coming to an end in this nation, and from nation to nation. Father, this casualty covenant, we say 「expose the root of it」. Father, let curses linked with casualty covenants be known void as we move forward. Show us curses working with casualty covenants.

Father, everything that’s been with us that got scattered, we call it into alignment for the future. We say - there is a putting back together that needs to happen right now, in Jesus’ Name. Father, we say it will secure our position in days ahead, in Jesus’ Name. I say - 「Reposition the gate that got scattered in other seasons, in Jesus’ Name!」

There are many of you who have felt entrapped by a prison door. But I want you to know that the door was of Me! For it was not yet time for you to spring out of that place, escaping from what I was doing in you. For there were portions of you that had not yet been set apart into My will and purpose for your life. You were living out your will and your purpose, but you did not perceive it. Now is the time for the prison door of My Spirit to spring open! Run with the new level of authority that I have been preparing you for. You will find favor in many areas where you had disfavor. Now you will see all that I have called you to be in this new season! 「Spring forth into life with new power and authority」, says your God!

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