Saturday, 2 May 2020

A Key Word: Break Out and Awaken to Your New Boundaries!

We are under a portal of revelation. Here is a portion of what was released yesterday that will help position you for this key week.

“You have been like a bonsai plant in a narrow container, but I Am beginning to break that container and cause your roots to spread out! This will be the time of root-spreading and roots going deeper. Though the enemy tried to keep you in a narrow place, I Am now laughing over what the enemy did. Know that My laugh will enter the earth realm. Watch its effect on many who refused to enter into my joy! Watch now, for your last container is being broken!

“Awaken, awaken, awaken! I Am putting you on alert. Watch, for the next three days. Dig in and dig in deeper. Look and see what I Am removing, because on the fourth day I Am awakening My people into a new place. The four walls of the box will begin to fall out and you will look and see what your next step is. As you step forth, see clearly what you are leaving behind. As you move in there will be a new alert, a new awakening, and a new movement that will excite you. This movement in days ahead will reveal to you My promise to advance and succeed in places that have not prospered.

“Don’t let the mask that you’re wearing mute your mouth. Over these next 10 days, don’t let the mask you are wearing mute your mouth! This is still the era of the voice! Begin to speak, Michigan! Begin to speak, New York! Don’t let the mask you’re wearing mute your praise! Over these next 10 days, darkness is approaching but your mouth will speak forth light! All over the world, don’t let your mouth be muted by the mask that you’re wearing. Let the mask be removed and the mouth of God go forth!”
(Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Keevy Phillips)

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