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How to pray for those in high position and power

Tim. 2:1-2 I exhort you, first of all, to entreat, to pray, to intercede, to give thanks for all; so also for the king and all who are in office, that we may live godly and upright, and in peace.

It is a clear instruction that we should pray for the king and all those in high position. This is a direct instruction from the Bible that we must face seriously. A spiritual war is about to start in any country. If the dark forces are allowed to influence and control people, they will control the government and the people in high position. The result will be unimaginable. The evil ones want to control the operation The fact that it controls those politicians does not say that it wants to control anyone in power.

Who do we have to pray for?
1. Politicians: President, cabinet officials, Congress, diplomats, opposition parties, ambassadors, etc.
2. Legal experts: judges, defense officers, lawyers, legal advisers
3. Protection unit: police chief and military chief
4. Spiritual leader: the spiritual leader of a priest, preacher, priest, rabbi or other false religion
5. Education leaders: teachers, scholars, professors, principals, supervisors
6. Cultural leaders: outstanding people in entertainment and sports, managers of cultural institutions
7. Business leaders: business authorities, business leaders, economists, bankers
8. Media: editor, executive of radio station and radio station, magazine editor
9. Municipal government officials: Mayor, employee, executive officer

How to pray for them
1. Pray for their salvation and God's reconciliation. Pray that they will touch the gospel so that they can feel God's love. Especially Lord will send people to testify to them.
2. Pray that the Holy Spirit will make them guilty, that they will confess their sins before God, and that they will be released. Pray especially for those corrupt and unsaved leaders who can seek God's forgiveness, and pray that they have a pure and godly life and habits.
3. Pray for their families (wives and children), their salvation and their positive influence on their families.
4. Pray that this man can perform his task impartially and humbly.
5. Pray that the Holy Spirit will water god's love in this man's life.
Rom. five: 5 hope not to be ashamed, for the spirit which is given to us pours the love of God into our hearts.
6. Pray for this person in accordance with Micah 6:8.
 a. He will be in charge and do the right thing.
 b. He will be merciful, unselfish and moved by the needs of others.
 c. He will be humble and understand that he must be accountable to God for being assigned to this position.
7. Pray that the oppressor and the godless leader will lose their power because of the wrong advice.
PS. 5:9 Lord, devour them, and pervert their tongues! For I have seen violence and strife in the city.
8. And vice versa. We also pray that God will corrupt the lies of those evil advisers, and that the Lord will give wisdom and discernment to the leaders.
9. Pray that the plans of the conspiracy will be broken. Whether the people involved in the conspiracy are in high position or want to hurt the people in high position, we need to pray that their plans will be invalid.
10. Within the scope of politics and government, there are certain demonic acts, praying in the name of Jesus in the personal or political circles and resisting the evil power, giving personal influence, breaking the camp of evil people, and breaking Satan's evil plan in those high-ranking people.
11. Pray for the leaders of those countries with bloodshed, rioting and chaos, so that they can stop binding these evils and seek peace and stability.
12. Pray that these leaders will understand that they are appointed by God and that he will give them authority to take responsibility and understand that they need to account to God for everything they do.
13. Pray for the decisions made by these leaders, and pray according to God's will. They have wisdom from God, especially when they often have to make difficult decisions under pressure.
14. Pray for their relationship with their subordinates so that they can be wise and loving to them.
15. Pray for the Holy Spirit to take charge of their thoughts.

What you need to know to pray for those in high places
1. Know that God can be in charge of any person, matter or thing
2. Praying for these people comes from God's command and his heart
3. The purpose of prayer for those in high position is:
 a. So that we can live a godly life
 b. To make the gospel accessible to the world
4. Keep the supremacy and omnipotence of God, and remember that God appointed and removed the leader. Prov. 21:1 the heart of a king is in the hand of the Lord, as the waters of a long ditch flow freely.
5. Read newspapers, listen to the radio, watch TV, and use whatever resources you can gather to pray for those in high positions
6. make a list of people you will pray for, even though you cannot pray for each of them. Ask the Holy Spirit who he placed in your heart and prayed for
7. Make sure that you are not biased by your personal political preferences. An upright intercessor must be free of prejudice and disobedience, which will hinder your prayer.

How to Pray for the country
And I sought a man among them to make up the wall, and to stand before me in a breach for the Kingdom, that I might not destroy it, but I found none. (Jie 2230)
I urge you, first of all, to entreat, pray, intercede, and give thanks to all people, and to kings and all those in office, so that we may live godly, upright, and in peace. (1-2 in advance)
The above two verses are the purpose of compiling this prayer manual.
Prayer is the responsibility of every Christian, and to pray for our country is our primary goal. Ask the Holy Spirit to help us, to pour down the spirit of grace and supplication, so that we may stand at the breach and stop it. This manual is just a guide. May God's spirit awaken our burden of praying for our country and society, and ask God to open our eyes and see many needs, so that we can pray and act, so that God's name can be properly glorified in this land, Amen!
Before you pray, ask God to cleanse you with precious blood, empty your mind, and ask the Lord to give you a spirit of grace and supplication, so that you can intercede in the spirit. )

First day
I urge you, first of all, to entreat, pray, intercede, and give thanks to all people, and to kings and all those in office, so that we may live godly, upright, and in peace. (1-2 in advance)
Lord! Paul urged us first to pray and intercede for all, especially for the king and all who are in office. Now, in your name, I would like to bless the leaders of our country (nominated one by one). Please give them heavenly wisdom to govern our country. Especially, please give them a heart to walk with God in righteousness, compassion and humility. Although they don't know you yet, I would like to ask you to raise Christian staff around them to be their powerful help, so that they don't Make any decision that offends you, so that our country will be blessed. I ask you to keep them in a tight schedule and in a day-to-day schedule, both mentally and physically sufficient. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!
(before praying, please empty our party's preferences so that we can pray according to God's will. )

Second day
For a baby is born for us, and a son is given to us. The regime will be on his shoulders. His name is "Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of peace". (tournament nine 6)
Heavenly Father! I thank you, because you have given us your only beloved son. I ask you to shoulder the power of our country on the shoulders of the Lord Jesus, so that our country can have real peace. Pray for all kinds of elections in our country, and ask you to give wisdom to the voters and to choose those who are upright and honest and righteous to serve in public office, so that the people can be blessed. I beseech you, all those who covet wealth and take bribes and pervert integrity, to stretch out your righteous hand to prevent him from being elected. I beseech you not to deceive the hearts of the elect, nor to take any bribe, for greed is the root of all evil, but righteousness exalts the nations, and I beseech you to rule in our country, and to keep away from all lawless spirits. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!

Third day
May the evil of the wicked cease! May you establish the righteous! For the righteous God examines the heart and the heart. (poetry seven 9)
God is a righteous judge and a God who is angry with the wicked every day. (poetry seven 11)
Lord! You are the God of righteousness, and justice and justice are the foundation of your throne. I will pray for the justice of our country, and I will ask you to avenge the poor, because you avenge the wronged, give food and hunger, release the prisoners, raise the oppressed, protect the alien, support the orphans and widows. I pray to you for many things that are perverse and just (not with bitterness and accusations, but according to what you know is unjust and unjust, show the Lord). Stretch out your mighty arm and show your righteous deeds. In particular, in the name of the Lord, bless all law enforcement units in our country, large and small, to walk in the light, in accordance with God's will. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!

Fourth day
Your righteousness is like a high mountain; your judgment is like an abyss. O Lord, save the people and the livestock. (poetry thirty six 6)
And I will restore your judges as I did at the beginning, and your counsellors as I did at the beginning. Then you will be called the city of righteousness, the city of faithfulness. (SAI Yi 26)
O righteous God! I beseech you, have mercy on us, and return to us the judges and counsellors of your heart, that our city may be called the city of righteousness and the city of faithfulness. Pray for our governors of provinces, counties, cities, townships, towns, villages, etc., and for the judges, police chiefs, and neighborhood chiefs in our places. Pray that God may make their righteousness like a high mountain, that the people and the livestock may be saved. For all legal related units such as the Legislative Yuan, the judiciary, the high court, the Ministry of justice, the Bureau of investigation Pray again, shine with the light of your righteousness, let the darkness escape, and let your kingdom come to these units. May your will be done in our country, as it is in heaven, praying in the name of the Lord, Amen!

Fifth day
A king without knowledge is tyrannical; he who is hateful of covetousness will grow old. (Prov 28 16)
For the iniquity of his covetousness I smote him with anger; and I hid my face from him, and he turned away from his heart. (match 57 17)
Lord! Your eyes shall see all their works; they shall not hide themselves from you, nor their iniquities from your eyes. (Jer. 16:17) I beseech you to show all the evils in the government so that justice may return to our country, and our country may be exalted. I ask you to give special blessing to the prosecutors who are dealing with serious cases of fraud. Don't be afraid in your heart. Please give them a strong, loving and prudent heart, and protect their and their families' safety, so that they will not be intimidated. Send your envoys around to camp, so that they can go in and out peacefully, and give them wisdom, and all kinds of grace to deal with cases, so that every case can show the truth Do not bend integrity. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!

Sixth day
The Lord bless you, O Holy Mountain, dwelling place of righteousness. And Judah shall dwell with the cities of Judah, with the husbandmen and the shepherds. I have satisfied the weary, and I have satisfied the sorrowful. (Ye 31 23-25)
Lord! When our country governs the country with justice, please cure our land, so that our agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, mining industry, etc. are all blessed by you. Our agricultural economy is not affected by the WTO, so that farmers frown, but because of your blessing, we have wisdom and confidence to develop fine agriculture and develop new varieties. Not only experienced harvest, but also in the international market, harvest welcome, no matter rice, vegetables, fruits, flowers, fisheries, other aquaculture . All have experienced your blessings, so that the people may glorify you. All the weary and weary shall be satisfied, and shall have plenty of food and clothing, and shall enjoy the blessing of the Lord to make them rich, and shall not add to their cares. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen.

Seventh day
Their land is full of idols; they bow down to the work of their hands, the work of their fingers. The lowly bend their knees; the noble kneel; so do not forgive them. (tournament two 8-9)
I am the Lord, and this is my name; I will not give my glory to false gods, nor my praise to graven idols. (tournament 42 8)
The creator of heaven and earth! Forgive us, for our country is full of idols. We really provoke your anger. Forgive us our sins. The altar in the house, the temples in the streets and alleys, the green hills, the rivers and rivers, the stones and trees, and all kinds of statues, we have sinned against you very much. Please forgive us and forgive us. Please turn us around so that we can return the glory to you alone. May you raise up the church to shine for you, to make it no longer desolate, to make it no longer weak, to give it the power of the Holy Spirit, and to spread the gospel throughout our country. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!

Eighth day
He will turn the heart of his father to his children, and the heart of his children to his father, so that I may not come and curse the earth. (MA four 6)
Heavenly Father! I ask you to tear down two generations of partition walls. Many people don't know how to be a father, many don't know how to be a son. Pour down the love of your heavenly Father, remove the curse of fatherless, heal the wounded soul, break the yoke of slaves, so that we may have the heart of our sons, and let people reconcile with you, and turn back to the heavenly Father, so that they may also return to the father of their flesh, so that hatred may be stopped, so that the family may know that this land will no longer be cursed. Lord! I beseech you to heal the parent-child relationship in every family, restore the patriarchy and fatherhood of the family, and let the men take the responsibility. When the order of the family is rebuilt, the enemy can no longer attack and destroy every family. May you raise up the church to block the breach of the times, speak to this generation with correct values, and ask you to raise up the witness of the Christian family so that people can understand the truth. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!

Ninth day
And God blessed them Rule over the land, and over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth. (chuang-1 28)
Lord! Please forgive us, because we don't know how to cherish the beautiful land that you have given us. On the contrary, we have offended you and harmed this land because of the excessive cultivation and deforestation, the destruction of natural ecology and the catastrophe. Water pollution, some areas have water but dare not drink. The extraction of underground water causes the subsidence of the stratum, the excessive cultivation and cutting, the loss of earth and stone, and many people in the mountainous area suffer. Waste treatment, air pollution, factory sewage, waste gas How many rivers can't see the trace of fish, the forest is no longer the paradise of animals, many unique creatures you give us have disappeared. Lord! Please forgive our greed, please rise up public power, bless EPA, forestry bureau, water conservancy department So that we have the opportunity to make up for it and restore the beauty of the land. Pray in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Tenth day
Where did the fighting come from among you? Isn't it from your lust to fight among all your bodies? (Yasi 1)
Clean your hands, sinners! Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you. (Ya four 8-10)
Lord! Heal the land of our country, the hatred and curse brought by the killing and fighting among ethnic groups for thousands of years. No matter which ethnic group. I beseech you to heal the hidden hatred in the midst of the community, to give love and forgiveness, and to leave no more room for the devil. In the name of the Lord, please tear down the wall between the ethnic groups and the ethnic groups (specifically nominated), and stop the enemies from using human blood to make waves in the middle. We want to declare Jesus Christ as the mediator. Please give us real peace, raise the church to block the breach, and let the churches of different ethnic groups become one in Christ, so that we have the power and ability to help our country The different ethnic groups of the land are also united. Pray in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Spiritual Warfare – prayer for the binding enemies
Hebrews 3:13 exhort one another every day while it is still here, so that no one among you may be hardened by sin and confusion.

Spiritual Warfare - binding the prayer content of enemies
As a child of God, I call on the Lord of hosts to send angels of service and war to help us and fight for us. "We" includes ourselves, our co workers, our intercession warriors, brides of all platforms, co workers of all communication and translation information, all family members and pets, all electrical equipment, network platforms, CD ROMs, books, and all resources for main work.

Father Abba, I beseech you to smear us with the precious blood of the Son Jesus and put on full military uniforms for us. May you strengthen our faith and give us courage and courage to resist and defeat the dark forces inside and outside us.

Show us the truth, Holy Spirit, and stop the enemy from trying to sow mischief, lies, and division.
(this is the main reason for poor communication and abnormal communication. Sometimes, a simple word can be misunderstood and distorted by others. This will cause a lot of trouble. At this time, the only way to win is patience and humility. This often happens to me and to Ezi. Usually, I say one thing, but he hears another. Fortunately, because we both know that this is the devil's disturbance, we will immediately clarify each other's intention without anger and impatience. Dear family, please be careful, especially when you talk to your spouse or children.)

In the holy name of Jesus Christ, I bind all my enemies who are sent against us, their reserves and counter forces, and all their leaders and accomplices.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I destroy the conspiracy of the devil against us, destroy the lines of communication between them and the power of communication, and seize their weapons. I declare this the end of your plan. I bound your excrement and sent you directly to Jesus' feet. I forbid you to come back and disturb us again.

Now in the holy name of Jesus Christ, I command you to lay down your arms and return what you have stolen and destroyed. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, I command you to release us now.
Proclaim three times: I proclaim in the great and awesome name of Jesus that all plans and actions that Satan has sent against us are now completely destroyed!

Lord Jesus, please send battle angels before us to get rid of all slanders, lies, deceit and all kinds of weapons against us, to stop and defeat the enemies who are sent against us, all their leaders, reserve forces and counter attack forces.

Proclaim three times: in the holy name of Jesus Christ, I now cancel all their schemes that attempt to oppress us, destroy us, and rob us, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I break and bind all these dark forces. Every idea, action, connection and weapon used to attack us will be destroyed.

Proclaim three times: in the name of Jesus, I will destroy forever every stronghold, every bond, every snare, curse, magic, curse, mark and evil idea that attacks us and our ministry.

In the name of Jesus, completely break away from every bond, bondage, mission, temptation, deception and fortification that attacks us and angels forever. For it is written that all instruments made against us shall not be used. "

It is written that "all instruments made against us shall not be used." Lord Jesus, give us the courage to overcome the forces of evil, give us the determination to be diligent and not lazy.

Lord Jesus, send your angel to guard us. Send holy angels around our house to wipe out every devil, every wizard, every trick, every curse, every trap they set, all the things they used to curse people, and every dark power that attacked us.

Lord Jesus, no matter where we go, please send angels around us. May you strengthen them so that the enemy cannot invade us. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, I sealed all the invasions from the air, the earth, the water, the fire, and the cross dimensions with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Please send your angel to stop the enemy, stop all the curses and the dark ones from entering our territory.

In the name of Jesus, I bind all the spirits that enter the platform, lying and divided. I command your lies and your excrement to return to Jesus' feet. In the name of Jesus, I cancel all your missions to attack this platform. In the name of Jesus, I will destroy every curse, magic, curse and evil thought sent against this platform.

Proclaim three times: in the name of Jesus Christ, I break and break every curse of death against us. We will live for the Lord, and we will proclaim the glorious works of the Lord.

I declare that we, and our ministry, shall receive the grace of God and man. Lord Jesus, send angels to camp around us to protect the people who are looking for you. May the supernatural grace of God come to us.

The father, the son and the Holy Spirit, we praise you with our hearts and faithfulness, honor you and worship you. Thank you for your kindness and for your ability to defeat the dark ones. Jesus, I believe in you! Thank you for writing our name in the lamb's book of life. Jesus, I believe in you. Thank you for sending angels to guard us. Jesus, I believe in you. Sanctify us, for you are holy.
Holy Father, stop the growing forces of darkness, give us more time, more mercy and more grace in the last days, so that we can harvest more souls. Give us wisdom and grace to live for you alone.
This is a very formal, holy spirit inspired military order. In the court of heaven, it is a document legally binding the enemy. For it is written, "whoever you bind on the earth shall be bound in heaven." Amen! (from the love letter Jesus wrote to the bride, Volume 6)

Biblical promise: Spiritual Warfare
2 Corinthians 10:3-5 for though we walk in blood, we do not fight in blood. Our weapons of war are not of blood, but of the power to break through the strong barracks in the presence of God, and to break through all kinds of schemes and all the high things that hinder people from knowing God, and to take back all the hearts of people, so that they will obey Christ.

1 Peter 2:11 beloved, you are strangers and sojourners. I urge you to abstain from the lust of the flesh. This lust is at war with the soul.

Revelation 12:17 and the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to fight with the rest of her children, who kept the commandments of God and testified for Jesus. Then the dragon stood on the sand by the sea.

Ephesians 6:12 for we do not fight against the flesh, but against the rulers, the rulers, the rulers of the dark world, and the demons of the spirit of the sky. Wrestling for both

Revelation 17:14 and they shall fight with the lamb, and the lamb shall prevail over them, for the lamb is the Lord of all lords and the king of all kings. And he that is with the lamb, that is called, and chosen, and faithful, shall prevail.

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