Sunday, 3 May 2020

Prayer for the Bride of Christ

Father, I intercede for Your church, Your bride. I present her before Your throne room. I am asking that she would experience the emotions that are in Your heart toward her. May a river of Your love flow to the heart of Your bride causing her focus and commitment to be on Jesus, the author and finisher of her faith.

Lord, may her understanding of Jesus as her Bridegroom increase. I pray that she would have a divine revelation of your character through the light of your Word. May the seed of Your Word go deep into her heart and bring forth fruit that remains for your Glory.

Father strengthen the weary ones today by your Spirit. Reveal the mystery that will unlock the wounded hearts of those who have been persecuted, rejected, abused or offended. I pray that each one would be open to receive healing from your presence.

Reveal to Your bride that you will never fail, reject, hurt or divorce her. Let her know that even in her weakness, you love her. She is made strong as she embraces Your grace. Give Your Bride wisdom so that she may know how to continually abide under the covering of Your love and not be moved in and out of your presence. I pray that she would have confidence in your love, knowing that you are patient and kind.

Lord, I thank you that as she has an intimate realization of your love that she will no longer be fearful, condemned, shamed or postured into guilt. May Your bride arise and shine. May she stand strong in you and in the power of Your might. Amen

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