Monday, 4 May 2020

When the trial is over, God will restore everything to you

[Job 42:10] [NIV] After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.

[KJV] And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

[NKJV] And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Job, the righteous man, was suddenly tested. One day, he lost his children and all his wealth, and then his health and personality were questioned. After all these sudden changes, job announced, "the Lord is the giver, and the Lord is the receiver."

At that time, job was not only questioned and judged by others, but also thought that he would "return to dust naked" and leave the miserable world in poverty and illness. Who knows that after the trial, God not only turned him back from his suffering and restored his original wealth, but also doubled his wealth, health, children, life and honor. The most important thing is that the test has purified the pomp of job's life and made him the spiritual peak that human beings can reach:

First, he no longer cares about himself. All that he cared about before has become insignificant;

Second, he is no longer self-centered. He used to judge God according to his value orientation, but he thought he was righteous. Now, his ego has completely melted into nothingness (42:6);

Third, he has complete trust and attachment to God. Before, he used to understand God with reason, and he also believed in his own reason. Now, his relationship with God has become a complete faith, even if it is not understood, he has been able to fully believe.

Fourth, he learned to let go of himself and forgive others. When he forgives his friend for hurting him, God will let him turn back from his suffering. So he recovered everything. In contrast to different versions, we can see a relationship: when job forgives and prays for his friends, God forgives his friends, and then he turns himself back from his suffering, so as to recover him and double his blessings.

Looking at the Old Testament and the New Testament, we can almost see the basic law of this transition from trial: to defeat self fame and wealth, to give up self-centered, to learn full obedience to God, and to fully forgive.

Trial and human depravity is one of the main sources of loss and pain. The former is God's special grace, while the latter is the hindrance that God wants us to get rid of. Perhaps, we can summarize the common and direct obstacles to God's blessing for Christians in several aspects: the mouth of judgment, the heart of resentment, the spirit of bitterness and the hidden sin. The Bible says that when you judge a man in any matter, you will condemn yourself in any matter. Complaining is not only a negative faith, but also a dissatisfaction with God and a reversal of the truth. The main reason for Israel's fall in the wilderness is complaining. The spirit of bitterness comes from envy, which not only limits our container, but also makes people's mind lost and corrupted from the beginning. Hidden sin may be unknown to others, but God must know it. These hidden sins are the cancer cells of human spirit and the hidden danger of explosion at any time.

Trial is never an end, but God's work of shaping the spiritual character of sinful people. When we finish the basic lessons God gave us, the test is over. The restoration and blessing of God began. God is the God of blessing. Trials are lessons that God teaches us to learn in order to purify our dregs. When we accept the lesson that God wants us to learn, the purpose of the test has been achieved. Therefore, the wisest choice in the trial is not to question, but to pray and ask what God wants us to learn. And his happiness will come to us when we get rid of the hidden customs in our lives and all the sins that bring us pain.

"The Lord is the giver, and the Lord is the receiver," declares job, who has experienced trial. After the trial, we can also declare, "it is the Lord who receives, and it is the Lord who rewards.". He receives, and he can give; he pulls, and he can plant; he breaks down, and he can build; he punishes, and he can heal. To receive is to reward, to uproot is to plant, to tear down is to build, and to punish is to renew. When the purpose of trial is fulfilled, and when we remove the hindrances that hinder us from being blessed by obedience, the recovery of God and the double blessing will come.

Dear father God: Save me. Have mercy on me. Let my eyes see hope. Moisten my heart with the grace of your life, because my life is withered. My inspiration is like a dry river bed. Pour me again. Fill me. Examine me. Examine my heart. Look inside me. What are the obstacles to your operation? Leak the hole of your blessing. Stop the breach of my life. Build character and habits that fit your heart. Remove my blind spots and lift my heart. Moisten my dryness and renew my vitality. There is no direction more terrible than sleepiness. There is no hope more desperate than death. Light my life. Let me shine for you again. Please show me what has consumed my life. What consumed my inspiration? What makes us slack and depressed? What makes our hearts fat? Revive us. Save us. Once again fill us with your spirit. Recover our losses. Give double blessing to your servant, to witness that you are a blessing and compassionate father. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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