Friday, 12 June 2020

Chuck Pierce & GZI Team:A Time To Stop Scattering & Release Identifier!

We are headed into new places. New things have happened. You don’t have to go back to where you were. You need to say it out loud - 「I am not sure exactly where I am going. But as He leads, I am moving forward. And I don’t have to go back to the same place I once was」. He doesn’t have to restore you in certain areas, He has been restoring you. Decree right now that - you are becoming whole, you are entering in, you are breaking through in new ways. You are no longer scattered. Decree - your scattering which is linked with a curse is breaking off of you. You are coming into a new wholeness, a new strength, a new place to prosper.

The wind has been building your new warring garment. And it’s threaded with all the generations of the past and the present. The 7 Spirit colors are upon it. Confidence has been rising in you. The garment is ascending now, and it’s meeting the confidence that you have allowed Me to build, and build, and build. So know that this warring season will look like it did before, but you will be garmented in such a way that when you walk in, demons will flee. When you walk in, land will begin to shake even more. When you walk in by Glory, He will penetrate, and the atmosphere will change within an instant of time.

God is removing scattering. There was an angel that came in here earlier. The angel said, 「My name is the one who removes scattering」. Let’s allow the Spirit of God to do something in us that needs to be done. Do not resist the Lord resetting your order. Only the Spirit of God can remove the scattering about us, and enable us to embrace our new identity. Align with His order, and agree with His immersing movement! Declare - you will not come into agreement with scattering or going backwards! We may not be certain where we … for we are progressing differently now. This is not just about a Pentecost message, but a time to embrace God’s Spirit and boldness in a new way.

Today is a day that I have released identifier - where you stood in a place of familiarity, and you allowed the enemy to scatter you to the north winds, I have brought identifier back to stand beside you as in the days of Jacob. As your name was one yesterday, you will be defined and re-identified to be given the name of Kingdom that I have placed on you. I have brought you to a point to war and war and war again, but war is coming to an end, because I am facing to identify you in a new way which will stop scattering and release gathering that the four winds will blow in the direction My breath has been released. Stand up, and put your hand on your right hip, and say 「I will wrestle till dawn」 - because today is the day that you are renewing, redefining and refining My DNA, and bringing forth a new order of worship that will put the enemy in his place and cause My Kingdom to arise. The voice of fear will destroy your nation, but the voice of God will build a Kingdom. The Lord says - 「Reach up, and let identifier identity you that you may go forth with a resounding sound of worship that My presence will be established, wherever you are at from this day forward.」

This is the beginning of My gathering. This is the beginning of Me regathering what I have dispersed. Many of you are on the verge of incredible prosperity. A curse from the past, a curse over father that needs to break, is breaking off of us right now. Past dimensions where things were robbed from you, the Lord says “I am gathering that, and I am putting it in anew, and I am causing a multiplier to be attached to it. So what was robbed from you will now multiply in the new place that I have you in.”

The Lord says - “My people have not understood multipliers, but now I am sending multipliers that will cause a multiplying effect over losses. Return not to that place where the enemy robbed you, and the enemy created black holes around you, and caused you to feel like there is vacuums operating in your life. I am the God who can fill the black holes. I am the God that can set you in the midst of a movement that you need to be in. Movements of prosperity are now being aligned. Movements of My Spirit are being aligned. Movements of harvest are being aligned. Now I am resetting the order of your movement in days ahead.”

He is having to redo our cell structures. Let Him redo the cells within you the way He wants some to respond to Him right now. Decree right now - “Your cells are changing.” You have to cause your cells to come into alignment. There is a new immunity that God is putting in us. There is some sort of resistance in us that we didn’t have. There is something in us that needed to be broken. Father, right now, there are key things being developed now that will cause health, wealth, and prosperity. Shout - “Provision is coming. I am not going to be left hopeless and desolate. I am not going to be left without what I need”. You are aligned in this body. If you are aligned, you are not fatherless, you are not hopeless. Decree right now - “God is doing a new thing!”

The purpose is not to control everything around you this week. Watch Holy Spirit move. Let Him take care of each cell. Let Him take care and redo each cell in your system. He is doing that again these two months. And then when you move back out into what was familiar, know Him, feel Him; if you can’t feel Him, stop! Holy Spirit, come! Some of you are so fearful of this thing that has been in the earth, God cannot heal your cells because of your fear and the spirit that is within you. Father, every step this week we take, we say “Move in us!”

This is a month to cut away double-mindedness, where you are clear on your boundaries ahead. So Father, right now I speak a blessing of singleminded focus that’s coming, new vision, new boundaries. Another thing is that this is a month that you war to enter in, and just literally put to death things that would keep you from stepping into the new. So Father we say right now - “We put to death anything that’s keeping us from coming into the new level of provision that the Lord has for us. Lord, we thank You right now that Your sword is moving in the heavens and moving in the earth, and we unlock provision and vision. We say - as we give, we secure our future in this new era! In Yeshua’s Name, Amen!”

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