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Teacher Ming

Teacher Ming is the founder of strong inter-denominational pulpit international ministry, which is based in Toronto, Canada. She has a dynamic gift to combine her calling from God; she is an apostle, prophet, an international evangelist, a preacher, she also plays the roles of leadership mentor, businesswoman and spiritual mother; to those around her. She had ministered in local, national and international meeting, crusades, spiritual workshops, conferences, and broadcast programs, her counselling and teaching during live sessions have brought dramatic changes to people’s lives. She also has a very strong inter-denominational pulpit international ministry. Her passion is to prepare the bride (The churches), the body of Christ, and to preach that God is raising end time forerunners; for the coming of the Lord. The prophetic anointing she receives is astonishing and preeminent, the Lord is using Ming in the areas of the prophecy, preaching, teaching, healing and breaking bondages and also help and guide many ministries and churches to the calling predestined by God. The ultimate goal of the ministry is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ and manifest the glorify of God in the coming dark age.

About Teacher Ming’s Background:
A servant called by God now owns a company in Toronto. About ten years ago she was specifically chosen by God and taken to visit future, heavens and hell for forty days, witnessing the reality of spiritual realm and the end days which is to come, chosen as a witness of the end time. She receives many supernatural visions and revelations to accomplish her mission of preparing the bride for the 2nd coming of Christ. In 2010, God called her to start and in 2012, set up Omega Ministry service Center, and on November 7, 2012, the ministry officially set off, running its goal to God’s calling at the end time.

Pastor Oliver Gan

Pastor Oliver Lu Gan, born in Mainland China, completed his seminary training in San Diego, California in 2005 after received the calling from God in 2001. Since 2005, he has been pastoring churches in Toronto, Ontario, and joined in the board of directors of Omega Ministry in 2012. His greatest passion is to worship the Lord with prophetic anointing, to equip the body of Christ with the discernment of the Spirit, and to heal the wounds with the power of the Spirit. Currently raising three daughters with his wife Sarah in Mississauga, On, his family serves Jesus Christ the Lord enthusiastically.

Rev. F.W. Chang

Rev. Chang ordained in 2008 is a pastor of Omega Ministry. She was called to the healing ministry in 2010, and made a covenant with God based on the revelation of the bride of Jesus Christ, and then was called into Omega Ministry to equip the bride of Christ in 2011. Through her own experiences and testimonies to help God’s beloved children enter the journey of life's restoration. She was eager to see the bride of Jesus loves entering the destiny of abundant life, wearing the marry yarn, and waiting for the return of the groom Jesus Christ.

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