Ministry Development

Since God called us to establish Omega Ministry, we've received revelations from God to lead believers into their destinies, to prepare the loyal brides in the end times, to pave the way for the end times, and to meet the glorious king Jesus, so that we began the family fellowship in the second half of 2010. We provide some lessons for believers who are eager to better understand the book of Revelation and the works of God in the end times.

With God's leading, the development of Omega Ministry has been far beyond our imagination. On November 7 2012, the Lord wanted us to openly set up Omega Ministry. That was the date of the U.S. election. Not long after that, our application to register as a charity in CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) was approved within ten months. Then more and more cell groups were springing up like mushrooms successively. All along the way, we always see God lead us miraculously with His powerful hands. We know that's the manifestation of God's pillar of cloud and pillar of fire to have Omega Ministry walk in His will and in the destiny.  As soon as we've also witnessed that the prophetic words God reveals to us have been fulfilled one after another, we can tell from that the days of the second coming of the Lord is near.

The following is the testimonies of establishment of each cell group and ministry.

Worship Team
... Forming the Worship Team
(under construction...)
Dance Worship Team
... Forming the Dance Worship Team
... The leader's testimony

The testimonies of looking for the meeting place:
The Testimony of Looking for the Meeting Place, Part 1--- The First Place: 1029 McNicoll Ave

2) The Testimony of Looking for the Meeting Place, Part 2 --- 19 WATERMAN

North America:

【Issachar Cell Group】worship team training
First Sat. monthly 7:00pm EST
1858 The Chase, Mississauga
Please contact Oliver Gan

【Covenant - Hope cell group】
Please contact Sabrina

【Covenant - Mind Harbor Cell Group】
Please contact Wei Na

Pure Heart Cell Group】Markham
... Forming TestimonyFirst Sat. monthly 10:00am EST
5 McIntosh Drive, Markham
2nd Floor conference room
Please contact Juliane Chang

【Life Cell Group】Scarborough
... Forming Testimony   .
First Sat. monthly 7:30pm EST
Please contact Xiao Hua WeChat: hmwq135

【Life Prayer Group 】
2nd and 3rd Wed. monthly 7:30pm EST
Please contact Karlee WeChat: karlee2014

【Caleb Cantonese Cell Group】
First Sunday monthly 4:30pm EST
88 Beck Drive, Markham
Please contact: Eric Tam

【True Light Fellowship】Mississauga
Every Tue. 7:30pm EST
140 - 3025 Credit Woodlands, Mississauga
Please contact June Yu

【Career Young Adult】
1st and 3rd Sat. monthly 6:30pm EST
8 Hoover Drive, Thornhill
Please contact John Chin

【Forever English Group 】speak English
Date: The 2nd Thursday monthly 7:30pm EST
2642 St. Clair East, Toronto

【Green Pasture Group】
the 4th Sat. monthly 10am EST
112 Farrell Rd., Vaughan
Prayer meeting: Every Monday 10:00pm
at YY 73313731
Please contact Sarah Wu

【Arise & Shine Guelph Cell Group】Guelph
2nd Sat. monthly 3:00pm EST
Please contact Victoria. WeChat: victory-367

【Calgary Pioneer Fellowship】
Prayer meeting: Every Sat.  Calgary time: 6:00am-8:30am
Bible Study: Every Mon. morning
Please contact Jenny Guo  WeChat: jennyguo27

【BC Victoria Fellowship】
Meeting: Every Sat. 7:00pm BC time
1858 San Lorenzo Ave, Victoria, BC
Please contact Winnie Sun  WeChat: weisun986

【Quebec Emmanuel Fellowship】
1st and 3rd Sat. 7:00pm EST
Please contact Jane Yu   WeChat: janeyu06


Mount Gilead Fellowship】  Belgium
Monthly Meeting: Every 2nd Tue. 9:30~11:30am (Local Time) Kiel Antwerpen
Online Prayer Meeting: Every 1st, 3rd, 4th Wed. (and Fri.) 8:15~9:45am
Please contact: Josie         WeChat: J497198211


【Light for my path Cell Group】Taipei, Taiwan
1st Sat. Monthly  14:00-17:00 (Taipei time)
Training Course: Every Tue 20:00-22:00
Online Bible Study: 4th Thur monthly 20:15-22:15
Prayer meeting: Every Friday 20:00-22:00
Please contact Hausen

 China Mainland:

【Morning Glory Bible Study】Shenyang
2nd and 4th Thur  7:45am EST
China Time: 8:45pm
Please contact Oliver Gan

【Shenyang Bride Church】Shenyang
 (Original Rock Cell Group)
Sunday Service: 9:00--12:00am China time
Lunch 12:00--13:00
Prayer 14:00--16:00
Please contact Pastor Ji

【Sichuan Gaami Cell Group】Sichuan
2nd and 4th Sunday 7:30pm China Time
Please contact Luxie.  WeChat: A+Lu

【Shenzhen Olive Tree Fellowship】
1st Monday monthly 8:30am China Time
Please contact Ada.

【Life River Fellowship】Guangzhou 
Repent Altar: 2nd and 4th Saturday 7:30pm(China Time) 
New Life Course: Every Monday 2pm~4pm 
Prayer Meeting: Every Wednesday 8pm 
Pre-Gathering Prayer: Every Thursday 5am~6am
Bible Study: Every Thursday 2pm~4pm
Gospel Preaching: Every 4th Monday
Contact Sister Wang Min  Wechat: yan08031

【Morning Star Fellowship】Shanghai ruban 
Prayer Meeting: Every Monday 7pm~9pm (China Time) 
Contact sister LU Liping  

【Mount Zion Fellowship】Shanghai Qingpu 
Contact sister TAN Meimian or brother Ernest   

【 Canaan Vineyard FellowshipBeijing
Online Prayer Meeting: Every Tuesday 20:30 (China Time)
Sunday Meeting: 10:00
Morning Prayer Meeting: Every Saturday morning 5:00~6:45
Contact sister SONG Jinxia, Brother ZHU Zongli  

【Overcomer Fellowship】Shangdong Qingdao 
Contact sister YANG Yilin  

Glory Pomegranate Fellowship】Shandong Linyi 
Bible Study: Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday 19:00 ~ 20:30 (China Time)
Prayer Meeting: Every Saturday 19:00 ~ 20:30
Sunday Meeting: 9:00 ~ 11:00
Contact: WANG Huiji 
Co-worker: REN Hongyan & ZHAO Guangfeng
Locations: 1, Linyi, Shandong   2, Ma Zhuang town, Fei Xian, Lin Yi City, Shandong

The Pillar of God's Temple FellowshipHeilongjiang Harbin
Contact Pastor ZHANG Lianping  

【Foreunner Church】Xinjiang 
Sunday Meeting: Every Sunday Morning
Contact: Pastor Jian Hong
Location: Xinjiang ta cheng 


【Children Prophet Fellowship 1】
Trainning: 3rd Saturday 7pm (China Time) Together with Fellowship 2
Prayer Meeting for Children Prophet Fellowship 1 : 1st Saturday 7pm
Prayer Meeting: Every 4th Saturday 7pm
Contact sister Carina   Wechat: sccc412

【Children Prophet Fellowship 2】
Prayer Meeting: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday 7pm~8pm (China Time)
Trainning: 3rd Saturday 7pm (China Time) Together with Fellowship 1
Contact Jenny   Wechat: jennyguo27

【Jin Wei Guard】
Contact LI Feng    Wechat:WLF5868608700

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