Equipping Courses for Second Stage

The theme of the Equipping Course for Second Stage:
The course is to help brothers and sisters who want to be equipped for services. The student must have already finished the Healing Course, and along the way to recover under the Holy Spirit's guidance he or she has known how to deal with problems and harm in the past of his or her life through prayers of inner healing, in order to get prepared to accept God's calling to serve.  The course includes:
1. Defence Mechanisms & Behaviour Cycles
2. From Deception to Discernment
3. Prayer I: Praying and Waiting, How to know God’s will and listen God's voice
4. Prayer II: spiritual warfare, Intercession
5. Attitude of Ministry, Renewing the Mind
6. Obedience & Humility
7. Work with Holy Spirit
8. Releasing Worship
9. Healing
10. Overcome
11. Ministry Demonstration

Tuition and Fees: Freewill offering
Location:25 Pettibone Square, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Details in Curriculum:
Every third Sunday 4:00pm, once a month, three hours per class

The starting date of the first course: May 18, 2014

The deadline of registration for the first course: May 12, 2014


The student who have finished the Healing Course for first stage is eligible to register for the Equipping Course for second stage. If you have not attended the Healing Course for first stage and would like to audit the course, we encourage you to register for he recent Healing Course before you audit the course. We understand that the enemy doesn't want us to learn in the Equipping Course. You might encounter the spiritual warfare anytime in your daily life. If you have not finished the Healing Course, because there are breaches in your life you probably won't realize how to handle the spiritual warfare occurred in your life and how to pray to release with the right attitude that meets God's will. We believe that before you want to serve people you have to be served in advance. You have to accept to be healed so that the anointing of healing can be brought down.

  • The student who have finished the Healing Course for first stage is eligible to register for the Equipping Course for second stage.
  • Attendance requirement: no more than two absences per course are permitted; Student will be automatically dropped out of the course if more than two absences are found.
  • Auditing requirement and regulation: since our space is very limited, we accept no more than five auditing students, who must register online first and receive our confirmation of auditing by Email. In case of time constrain, the credited students have priority to receive the healing service.