Omega Ministry is a Canadian registered Charitable Organization. Please fill out correct Canadian mailing address for the annual tax receipt.
Thank you for your faithful support! God Bless you!

** Fellowships in various regions such as Taiwan, Australia, etc., please contact your local fellowship financial co-worker for giving, thank you!

1. Paypal:

2. Global Giving:信用卡Visa / Master /Apple Pay/Android Pay

3. Via E-Transfer in Canada:
👉 For General Offering (in Non-Ontario Region of Canada) and mission/retreat camp offering (in Canada including Ontario)

**For those who want to receive the annual tax return, please put the note of your tax return information, such as your full name, address, and email when you're offering, and also the project you want to give. (such as general giving, missionary, TC, special meeting, fellowship name)

👉 via E-transfer in

4. Mainland China: Please contact us for our transformation bank account.