Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Lana Vawser
Sept. 29,2020

Recently I heard the Lord say "Toil the new soil". The sense surrounded me that the Lord is calling for diligence and commitment to the new soil/lands that He is assigning His people to. I was very aware in this encounter of the responsibility upon believers right now to hear from the Lord what soil it is that He is asking His people to toil and HOW He is asking them to toil it.

There is a lot of distraction coming against many of God's people and it is very important right now to be ferociously focused on the VISION God is releasing to His people concerning the 'soils' that He is wanting them to toil. God is calling His people to partner with Him in these new lands to build with Him and to not look to the left or the right at what others are doing, but to remain focused upon the vision and strategy that has been given to them from His heart.

It is a time to guard the heart against comparison, from competition, from copying, from doubt and fear, but to embrace the vision, assignment, and strategy of the Lord wholeheartedly and give yourself to it completely. Work hard at fulfilling the vision and assignment the Lord has given you for this hour. The soil He is asking you to toil, give yourself wholeheartedly to it. Not in striving or trying to build in your own strength, but in commitment, dedication, and obedience to partnering with His strategy to build and toil the soil in the WAY that He is desiring you to.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Kingdom Life at the End of Times 2020

Open a Glorious, Brand-new Vision of God
Enter into the Journey of Supernatural Translation by Faith
Walk Freely in the Kingdom of God

Date: October 23-25, 2020

The clock of the end of times has started counting down.
The war between the kingdoms of Light and Darkness has become intense.
How should we walk in the world at the end of times with power?

It is time to break our existing concept of the glorious realm.
All the robes of faith in the past will mature at the end of times.
The glory of the last will transcend the glory of the past!

「Every promise of God, no matter how many they are, in Christ are all true!」
What God has prepared for His people at the end of times is far beyond our imagination.
A spiritual life can surpass the limitation of the physical world,
which will be intact though buying and selling will forbidden without the mark of the beast. 
We were born for this time. Enter into the practice of the supernatural faith to experience the glory of the Kingdom at the end of times.
Supernaturally walk with Him, co-work with Him!

Monday, 14 September 2020

It's Time to Rebuild the Ruins! Many Will Launch in September

Madeline James
Sep 14, 2020

In a recent prayer time, I began to hear the Scripture Isaiah 61:4 in my spirit: "They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; they shall repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations."

More Exposures in Places of Influence

In 2020 we've been in a season where the Lord has been exposing and tearing down that which cannot go into the new. I had a dream in June 2020 where the Lord showed me He was bringing down those who have been in high places that have exalted themselves above the Lord. There is more exposure coming to those in places of influence.

Prepare to Build and to Plant

In the beginning of August, I had a dream where I saw the storm of this season moving out and the sun came out again. As this storm begins to shift, we'll begin to see the things that need to be rebuilt and repaired.

Isaiah 58:12 AMP declares, "And your people will rebuild the ancient ruins; you will raise up and restore the age-old foundations [of buildings that have been laid waste]; you will be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings." What is a ruin? A ruin is "the physical destruction or disintegration of something, or the state of being destroyed; object reduced (a building or place) to a state of decay or collapse."

Part of the Jeremiah 1:10 mandate is to tear down and uproot, but we often miss the part where it says we are to build and plant where things have been uprooted. When we fail to repair or fill the gaps again, it gives the enemy opportunity to build and plant what he wants.

Sunday, 23 August 2020


Lana Vawser 
Aug. 23,2020

The Lord showed me there is a demonic assignment against God's people in this hour from a spirit of heaviness to bring such weariness to God's people and to steal 'vision' from God's people by locking them into this place of heaviness, hopelessness, and weariness.

Last night I had a dream and the theme of the dream was the ROAR of the Lord. The eyes of the Lord are upon this demonic agenda to come and bring heaviness upon God's people and to wear them down. The Lord has seen it and He is ROARING over this assignment and He is going to bring SUDDEN deliverance. This attack from this spirit of heaviness has been so heavy on many they have been feeling like life is being sucked out of them and joy, vision, and hope for the new era is draining away day by day. They have continued to fight and continued to stay close to the Lord but their hearts are weary, dry, tired, and heavy.

As the Lord roars and SUDDEN deliverance takes place from this demonic assignment against many, I not only saw this attack break, I saw the Spirit of the Lord bringing MAJOR deliverance and healing to their hearts. In this new era, we are going to see a WAVE of deliverance, unlike anything we have never seen before. We are going to see the most powerful demonstrations of the power of God and the name of Jesus bring such significant deliverance that it will leave people in awe and wonder of our beautiful King.

Thursday, 20 August 2020


Lana Vawser
Aug. 20,2020

Recently I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw Jesus and He was walking up to His people that were sitting at tables and I knew that these tables represented ALIGNMENTS and MODELS. As He walked up to these tables He began to speak to His people and He said "It is time to CHANGE TABLES"

Immediately I was surrounded by the sense of the new era we have entered and the importance of drawing close to the Lord and hearing His voice and leading for where we are aligned, how we are aligned, and how we are to build with Him. The sense surrounded me so strongly that the "model" of how things have been done, is rapidly changing. The Lord has been speaking to me for years about the changing of the wineskin and the time that was coming upon us in a new era where we would have to follow Him and know His ways to move into the new thing that He was going to do (Isaiah 43:19) that would be completely unprecedented.

Now, in this encounter, what struck me was the weight upon the voice of the Lord when He spoke "It's TIME to change tables". I began to see other tables that were set for the people of God in this new era. New strategies, new ways of doing things, a new 'model', and new 'alignments' with people.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Fulfilled Prophecy 56 Item 17

The revival is one of the other popular Christian topics. A new round of revival will be seen: Pay attention to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, India and China.

Africa’s Amazing Christian Growth

According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, in 2018, Africa, for the first time, had the most Christians compared to any other continent - 631 million. Indeed, not all of these Christians in Africa are evangelicals or born again. But in Africa more people identify with Jesus Christ than any other continent. Asia, on the other hand, has the lowest percentage of Christians, just 9%.

The growth of Christianity in Africa is quite amazing when placed in historical perspective. In 1910, at the time of the Edinburgh World Missionary Conference, Africa was 9.4 percent Christian. Now it is 45% Christian.