What is a Religious Spirit?

Posted on 21 Sep 2012 by Truth in Reality

A religious spirit is a demon that wages war against the grace of God in our lives and acceptance of Jesus’ work as true fulfillment of God’s covenant between God and man.

The Pharisees were obvious examples of people who have religious spirits, but many times those of us with religious spirits do not come close to their behavior. Having had religious spirits myself, I must say that they are very destructive to our intimate relationships with God. If you want a true intimate relationship with your heavenly Father, then you definitely don’t want religious spirits!

It is said that religion and relationship don’t get along, and this is why religious spirits will work diligently to hinder true meaningful relationships between God and His children.


The Founder of D-Wave Quantum Computers Disclosed that the Demons Will be Summoned Like Tsunami

This is full disclosure, this lays ALL "theories" to rest. In his own words Geordie Rose Explains what is happening in the background. A Tsunami of demons or "old ones" is set to inhabit an army of "AI".
powers and principalities.


What to Do When a Wildfire Approaches

First and foremost, make sure you and your family stay safe. Everything else can be replaced. If requested by the authorities, immediately follow all evacuation orders, and know that if anything happens, Chubb will do what’s right for you — whether that’s finding you a place to stay during repairs or finding you a similar home in your school district.

If you have time to take action and the fires are far enough away that they are not threatening your safety, here are some things you can do to assist firefighters and minimize the damage to your home.

1. Listen to emergency officials.
If they say evacuate, leave your home immediately.

2. If you see a fire, report it.
You may be the first one to spot a “hot spot,” so call the emergency call in your country immediately if you see a fire, even if it’s a small one.

3. Shut off the gas.
Turn off propane at the tank or natural gas at the meter, and turn off all pilot lights.