Monday, 29 June 2020

Standing After the Storm

Francis Frangipane
June 28,2020

This article includes excerpts from a word I released several years ago. It is adapted from my book, I Will Be Found By You, but I believe it is a NOW word for the times we are in.

"If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3)

Just as there are foundations that are dug and laid for buildings, so there are spiritual foundations upon which we can build a stable spiritual life. If our foundations are destroyed, or if we try to build our lives upon an incomplete foundation, to that degree we compromise our ability to stand during life's storms.

I've known many people who could prophesy or pray for the sick or sing beautifully in church, but inwardly their spiritual lives were unstable. As soon as difficulties arose, they fell apart. Why? As "together" as they seemed, they had something missing from their inner foundation. They crumbled during the storm.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

My Bride, My Faithful Remnant - Be Found Ready!

Katie Barker
June 28,2020

My Bride - Be Found Ready

The Lord continues to speak to me about the critical time we are in as the Body of Christ, and the great importance for His people to come into alignment with His heart, ways and Word, and to be "found ready" to partner with Him in all He will unfold in this era. There is great expectation for what is to come and the Lord is inviting His people to be found ready. His heart is that all should partner with Him and that none should miss what He is doing in these days. His desire is for His Church to awaken, and from His great love He is shaking the Church in order to bring alignment.

There is an invitation being released at this threshing floor time (time of sifting) to be found on the right side of the divide so you may walk in the reward of greater partnership with Him.

I heard the Lord say, "I am preparing My Bride and calling her to be ready. A clear divide will be seen between My faithful remnant and those who are not found ready. There has always been a need to be ready, but no time greater than now. Those who are found ready are given the key to greater partnership with Me. My greater plans will unfold in the time ahead and I desire for none to be left out. However, only those who are awakened to the hour and aligned with Me will see the key (invitation) before them.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Nita Johnson’s Prophetic 1989 MAP Vision Of The Coming Disasters To The United States

A Prophetic Vision Given to Nita Johnson, Jan. 27, 1989
[Editor’s notes in brackets, David Eells]

Originally Seen On
In this vision that was given to Nita back in 1989, seems to match up with what a lot of other prophetic voices have heard. Looking at the tsunami visions, and the New Madrid fault visions and dreams, and not to mention California and the whole west coast prophecies, it seems to me what Nita saw was pretty accurate.  She mentions in her vision that she does not know WHY certain areas on the map in black “disappear”, and it isn’t necessary that they fall into the ocean, she says.  That part of the vision was not revealed. Scroll to the end of the post to find Nita’s website, along with many of her other prophecies over the years.

The Vision: On January 27, 1989, I had been in a spirit of prayer all night and was finally just starting to dose off to sleep. Suddenly, I was fully awakened by a vision of a map of the United States. It was not a vision in my head but was what some call an open vision out in front of me.

Friday, 12 June 2020


Lana Vawser
June 12,2020

This is a specific word for those that have had an encounter with the Lord and heard Him specifically speak to them that they are called to MOBILISE in this hour.

MOBILISE:  prepare and organize (troops) for active service.
SYNONYMNS: rally, deploy, muster, rally, call to arms, call up, summon, assemble, make ready, prepare, ready (Google)

The Lord showed me that MANY who the Lord has called to MOBILISE in this hour are facing some intense opposition. The Lord showed me specifically that there is a demonic assignment against many of you right now to stop you from moving in the anointing that the Lord has placed upon you in this hour to MOBILISE others and the reason the opposition and attack is so strong is because many of you as you step into this place of increase in the MOBILISATION of others the Holy Spirit is birthing a MOVEMENT through you and your life.

Chuck Pierce & GZI Team:A Time To Stop Scattering & Release Identifier!

We are headed into new places. New things have happened. You don’t have to go back to where you were. You need to say it out loud - 「I am not sure exactly where I am going. But as He leads, I am moving forward. And I don’t have to go back to the same place I once was」. He doesn’t have to restore you in certain areas, He has been restoring you. Decree right now that - you are becoming whole, you are entering in, you are breaking through in new ways. You are no longer scattered. Decree - your scattering which is linked with a curse is breaking off of you. You are coming into a new wholeness, a new strength, a new place to prosper.

The wind has been building your new warring garment. And it’s threaded with all the generations of the past and the present. The 7 Spirit colors are upon it. Confidence has been rising in you. The garment is ascending now, and it’s meeting the confidence that you have allowed Me to build, and build, and build. So know that this warring season will look like it did before, but you will be garmented in such a way that when you walk in, demons will flee. When you walk in, land will begin to shake even more. When you walk in by Glory, He will penetrate, and the atmosphere will change within an instant of time.

Sunday, 7 June 2020


Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: June 7, 2020

Barbara Wentroble – As we were worshiping, I just so sensed the Spirit of the Lord was saying, I’m in the process of releasing an entire company of healers in the Earth. The Lord said that in the way that, there were those who were discouraged and disheartened and in debt, and they went into that cave with David so long ago. But in that hidden place in that sheltered place hear me on this, in that sheltered place, a transformation was taking place, and they did not come out of that cave the way they went in. God says you’re not coming out of that sheltered place the way you went in, for I say I’m bringing forth a company of healers in the earth.

And God said out of every tribe, nation, tongue I say there is a company of healers that will come forth, and that that could not be healed in past days, God says you are not in the past days, I say you have stepped into a moment in history, where the healing power of the Lord, will be released through you, I say in the same way, that those that came out of that sheltered place, were called mighty men, I say there’s a mighty men, there’s a mighty company of healers coming forth, watch and see, this that I am doing for the Lord said I’m going to take that, that seemed impossible, I’m going to take that, that seemed destructive and I say I’m turning it around says the spirit of the Lord. I say, systems will not turn it around, but I say My healers, will be loosed in the earth and I say, they will release the healing power of the Lord. I say, I am looking for a company of people, who will volunteer freely, in the day of My power, who will volunteer freely, to be my healers in the earth. I say come out of the hidden place, come out, release that that I have put within you.


Lana Vawser
June 7,2020

I had an encounter with the Lord this week and I saw SO many divine interruptions taking place in the lives of many. I saw again so clearly this is the hour where there divine interruptions from the Lord's hand are taking place in unexpected ways and as the Church we need to be positioned like Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3, to "turn aside" and to lean into these interruptions of the Lord even if they are 'uncomfortable', 'unexpected', or 'out of the ordinary'. For these are the places of incredible depths of encounter with Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of His Word. In these places there are DEEP impartations of His TRUTH being released. They are places of deep commissioning, deep maturing, deep cleansing, deep fortifying and deep alignment. These are life-changing moments for those that will embrace them and turn aside, yielding to the Holy Spirit and not choosing to continue in 'comfortable places' or 'known places' because of fear or uncertainty because how the Lord is speaking, how He is moving, where He is leading, how He is building is out of the ordinary or offensive to the natural mind or human agenda.

This is a time of significant commissioning, birthing and arising for those that are yielded. Those that are truly seeking the heart of God.