The creation waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed. The creation waits with eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed (Rom. 8:19).

The end-time has come. The nameless army is all equipped. This is an army of authority and power called and trained by God Himself. This is an army of Joshua boldly advancing into the spiritual territories. Martyrs, vanguards, overcomers, kingdom intercessors and worshippers together form this army of the Bride.

They have no regards to their losses or reputations but rather present themselves as living sacrifices to become the “nameless” in Christ’s army. In kingdom battles and power struggles powers of darkness at different levels are vanquished. The front line, comprising the nameless ones are bonded by faith and love, leading the army of Christ to crush the enemies.

They obliterate the enemies’ altars and take possession of the land. They are priests after the order of Melchizedek. They follow the Male Child in Revelation 12 to war to clear the Second Heaven and to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ.

In the final three and a half years, they will help the church to discern danger and to avoid tribulation and to prepare for becoming the Bride of Christ. They will reign with Christ for 1,000 years.

God has revealed the nameless team to many prophets many years ago. We have entered a nameless Generation.

YOUR DESTINY by Ivan & Isabel Allum 

Section One: The Nameless and Faceless Generation

We are entering into an amazing season. It is the time that the prophets of old spoke about but could not even imagine.  We have heard of this for years but did not understand its reality.  This is the hour when the Kingdom of Heaven is coming to earth and is becoming a reality.  God is taking the mystery away from it.  This is also the season of the regular people when we all get to participate in the glory of God and make Him Famous.

In early 1994, I had a vision in which I saw a multitude of people walking down a street.  It was a narrow cobblestone street.  There were old buildings on both sides.  I noticed that everyone was holding a lantern.  The shape and size of the lanterns was exactly the same and their brilliance was identical.  No one was bigger or brighter than an other one.  The light of the lanterns was such that I could see even the smallest crack on the road and on the walls of the buildings.  It made everything completely clear and the hidden things become noticeable.  However, there was one thing I could not understand .  In spite of the brightness of the light in all those lanterns I could not see the faces of the people carrying them.  I could see their silhouettes, but their features were hidden behind the brightness of the lanterns.

At that moment the LORD spoke and said, “What you see right now is the army of people who will carry My glory throughout the streets of the nations of the world.  I am preparing a generation that will be the carriers of My glory, which will be so strong and powerful that it will shine in the darkest places. The whole world will se My glory through them.. However, no one will know or recognize them.  They will be so hidden by My glory that no one will know who they are but, everyone will se ME when they look at them.  This is the “nameless and faceless generation”.

THE GLORY CHURCH by Watchman Nee

The Scripture says that this man-child will
 “shepherd all the nations with an iron rod.” This is God’s purpose.

The work of the church is to cause Satan to lose his power and bring in God's kingdom.
The church which God desires must have the characteristic of Abigail—that of cooperation with Christ.

Since the church, however, has not attained to God's purpose,
nor does she even know God’s purpose, what can God do?
He will choose a group of overcomers who will attain His purpose and fulfill His demand.
This is the principle of  the man-child.


"In the coming days, the most powerful army ever assembled will be mustered. This army will not be equipped with guns or swords, but no power in heaven or earth will prevail against it. Its leadership will seem undistinguished and in some cases invisible, but no human organization has ever equaled its discipline and resolve. This army has been enlisted by the Lord Himself; He will train it and He will lead it."