We are going to hold whole new Healing Course and Equipping Course! Please sign up on the following links. The entire course fee is for freewill offering through PayPal.

Healing Course
on First Stage: The course will be held through Skype
Equipping Course
on Second Stage: Equipping Course

We will send the handouts of each lesson to the email addresses of the registered students. After each lesson, we will also provide the voice recording.

Who should take the course of Life Garden?

  • Those who are serving or leading the church or ministry in a full-time position; 
  • those who have received a clear calling to serve God; 
  • those who desire to practice God’s word in a deeper manner; 
  • and those who long for God to restore and heal their lives in a deeper manner.

Our Mission: Equip the Bride of God

The First Course: Healing

The goal of this course is to heal the participant, to restore self-esteem and self-image that are originally designed by God, to build a deeper relationship with God, and to experience God’s presence and deeds in life, so as to transform students’ life.

The Second Course: Equipping

The goal of this course is to build up the body of the Christ and prepare students to stand rm at the end time by equipping them with all the necessary knowledge and experience.

The Third Course: Bride

The goal of this course is to prepare mature bride, who must love and dedicate to the Lord with a wholly sacri cial heart.

You are a garden locked up, 
my sister, my bride; 
you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain. Your plants are an orchard of pomegranates with choice fruits, with henna and nard, 
nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, 
with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes and all the finest spices. 
You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing
water streaming down from Lebanon.
Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad. 
Let my lover come into his garden 
and taste its choice fruits.
(Song 4:12~16)

Life Garden's curriculum is designed to equip, transform, and release students to enter the life plan predestined by God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so students can walk and work with God in the designated path. It is our wish to take students deeper into God’s heart to experience true transformation in life, so that they can release greater glory in the kingdom of God. Through the training provided by Life Garden, we endeavor to provide students life-transforming experience, create opportunities to receive the anointing from the above, and nd out the life plan that God originally made. It is always our interest and goal to assist students to establish an intimate relationship with God by experiencing God’s ever-lasting, non-failing love daily. The key elements of Life Garden are
(1) living an abundant life that God desires;
(2) preparing a group of faithful brides;
(3) standing rm at the end time.

The Purpose of School

1. Teach and prepare students to serve in the local and kingdom ministry
The teachings of Life Garden are entirely founded on the biblical truth, as well as fresh revelations of the Holy Spirit. The goal of our teaching is more than just to provide information and knowledge, but transform students’ heart and mind under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. As a result, students can be set free in truth, and enter the predestined life desired by God.

2. Experience God personally and establish an intimate relationship with God
Every student will have the opportunity to receive inner healing service every month, and in God's love and protection, students will be released from the bondage of life, discovering the true value in the sight of God and meaning of becoming God’s bride.

3. Hands-on experience and practice
Students will not only experience God’s mighty power and learn how to work with Him, but they will practice what they have learned in class through one-to-one training practicum. One of our purposes is to train students to use the power of God in the local and global ministry.

 Tuition and Fees: free offering.