Healing Courses for First Stage

We are going to hold whole new Healing Course and Equipping Course! Please sign up at the bottom of this page. The entire course is for freewill offering through PayPal. 
We will send the handouts of each lesson to the email addresses of the registered students. After the lesson, we will also provide the voice recording.

The Main Themes of The First Course:

  1. Knowing our Gardener (God)
  2. Our Heart: spirit revival and soul restoration 
  3. Weeding, Tilling the Soil, and Picking up the Stones: get to know the work of our enemy, set free from the bondage of culture, religion, and power abuse. 
  4. Seed Selection: rooted in truth, learn to discern the spirits, intercession and spiritual warfare. 
  5. The Love of Gardener: get to know the love of our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 
  6. Move into Pot: how to revive in healing, and walking in the light.

Tuition and Fees: Freewill offering

Details in Curriculum:
All classes are on weekends, and once a month, three hours per class, total about 12 classes

Toronto: 25 Pettibone Square, Scarborough, ON. Canada
China: Please contact Sister Tang elle_tang@hotmail.com
Taiwan: Please contact sister Chang
Other Location: Skype
skype: omega.ministry.service.center

The starting date of the first course: May 16, 2014
Every Third Friday
Toronto (EST) 7:30pm - 10:00pm
China, Taiwan Area 7:30am - 10:00am

The deadline of registration: May 11, 2014

Quota:15 Students

Thank you for considering participating the first healing course of Life Garden. Due to the limitation of internet, our accommodation will be limited. Please register ASAP. We will reserve the right to enroll those who may benefit the most from our course, but this does not mean that our enrollment is predetermined; what concerns us is that "what’s God’s will for each candidate?" In order to seek God’s guidance for every application, we need your information. Therefore, please be honest and answer each question prayerfully.

Attendance requirement: no more than two absences per course are permitted; Student will be automatically dropped out of the course if more than two absences are found. 

Auditing requirement and regulation: since our space is very limited, we accept no more than five auditing students, who must register online first and receive our confirmation of auditing by Email. In case of time constrain, the credited students have priority to receive the healing service.