Our Ministries

1. OMEGA Ministry
    The Initiation of the Ministry

  • Fellowship: build the foundation of our lives on the word of God through Bible study (7pm of every 2nd Sunday evening) and fellowship teaching (7:30pm of every 4th Sunday evening)
  • Prayer meeting: prayer is the core activity of our ministry. Currentlywe have over-night prayer meeting (11pm of every 2nd Friday evening), special event prayer meeting (8pm of every 4th Fridayevening), and prayer partnership through phone line. We strive to build prayer altars for our ministry as well as for all the willing individuals to battle the dark force in the spiritual realm, watch for the family, community, and country spiritually, and transform life to the likeness of the Lord.
  • Healing and evangelistic crusade: in the guidance of the Spirit, we will hold healing and evangelistic crusades in different cities.
  • Life Garden School
    Life Garden's curriculum is designed to equip, transform, and release students to enter the life plan predestined by God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so students can walk and work with God in the designated path. It is our wish to take students deeper into God’s heart to experience true transformation in life, so that they can release greater glory in the kingdom of God.
    The first course: Healing
    The second course: Equipping
    The third course: Bride
  • Ministry of prophetic words and inner healing
2. Worship Ministry

  • 24/7 worship: our vision and goal is to establish 24/7 prayer and worship ministry in the near future, through which the fire of the Spirit can be poured out, community can be transformed, and more worshippers can be raised.
  • Dance Worship Ministry
    Dance worship ministry: Dance in the Holy Spirit is a way to offer your body as a living sacrifice to praise and worship God, so to restore the tabernacle of David (Psalm149:3, 150:4). While dancing in the Spirit, the dancer becomes a spiritual priest of the Highest God,bringing down the presence of God and releasing the power of healing. 
    Testimony of Forming a Worship Dance Team 
3. Orphan Ministry
    Vision on Orphanage

    We are preparing ourselves for the rising opportunity of helping orphans in the different part of the world.
4. Seven-Star Ministry
    Testimony of Forming The Seven Star Ministry

    Raising the end-time Joseph, and bless individual, family, and organization financially to carry out the end-time ministry in the kingdom.