The Testimony of Looking for the Meeting Place, Part 1--- The First Place: 1029 McNicoll Ave

The following is about the testimony of rented place of OMEGA in 1029 McNicoll.

Since May 2012, we had started to look for a place for meeting. I could remember that many people were excited to help look for the place. At the same time, I was trained for the first time to look for a meeting place as well. I’d heard several testimonies of looking for places before and said longingly, “My Lord, if I could experience You by myself just because of looking for the place, it would be a wonderful thing.”

Therefore the prayer intercessors and I prayed for this thing in the common prayer time. I could still remember that one day when we prayed, God suddenly talked to me about looking for the new place. I recalled that in the morning of that day, He said the place is in a basement. Because of the vision, we were sure that God would like us to prepare for a place. Thus I shared with the ministry staffs about the receiving from God in the prayer. Then the brothers and sisters who were touched embarked on looking for the place according to the vision.

We’ve found several places, however, when we went check out the places, we just felt that they are not the right place according to the vision. Especially, God revealed the exact time in the vision that we will have the place which is prepared by God in August. The closer the time, the more anxiety we were having. One day morning at 5 am, in my prayer, I suddenly saw a vision, which was so amazing. The Lord made me see a red brick house which was marvelous and 2 stories high. I asked the Lord in the vision that “where is the location?” And the Lord told me the exact location. The time I saw the vision again, the Lord revealed that it is at McNicoll Ave... Furthermore I asked the Lord again that “who should we contact with?” The Lord showed me an Indian’s face. I’d ever probably seen this guy, perhaps in a meeting of the recent days.

After I saw the vision, in the afternoon of the same day, I got the number of one pastor seen in the vision through a known person. So I reached him by phone and asked him abruptly that if he had a meeting place. And he said I have. They usually had a meeting there. Thus I told him everything in the prayer I had in the morning. I asked him that if you can pray and ask God at home about this. “If your senior pastor also agrees with that, we hope that we could rent such a place.” As I recall now, I always think I was so bold at the moment.

He told me that their senior pastor would return to Toronto more than one week after the global sermon tour, but he would still tell about this thing to their senior pastor. And they would also invite the prayer intercessors to pray that if this is from God. Thank God!  When their senior pastor came back, he gave me a call and told me that their senior pastor agrees us to use their place. Thus I hit the road to visit him.

Before I signed the lease of the place with Pastor John, I appreciated God that He gave me the opportunity to be trained to look for the place for meeting, and to seek God’s will by faith. I knew quite well that the aforementioned experience He made us go through was just the procedure which our faith was trained to grow up, so that we could be used more by the Lord in the near future.

I still remembered that a sister provided her place. Afterwards, because of her business, she found another place similar to the badminton court, which was nice for its location and size. Before we moved to that place, I actually dreamed a dream which is about the place. The following is about the dream.  (As I could remember, it was in June.)  I saw a place which has a front door and a side door. Many of us went into the house through the front door, and I could see some dark power inside, which had dwelled in the house for a long time, at least more than hundreds of years. After moving in, we should have a long prayer to win the place. At the first time I received the dream, because I had fewer experiences to look for a place and also had less communication with God about this, thus I certainly thought that was a possible place God gave us. That’s all because of the dream I had.

When we arrived and checked the place, we found that there’s class teaching tai-chi and yoga in that place. I can recognize immediately in my mind that it’s the dark power I saw in my dream. When we were back, our staffs discussed how they felt about the place. Because we didn’t get the evidence from God very much, we got to return home and continue praying for this place, to see if that is God’s will.

After I was home, it’s strange that when I prayed for this thing to God, He didn’t say anything, even though I ever had a dream before and I felt that is the evidence. I continued praying for this thing to God for several times, but God still didn’t say anything about the place neither to me nor to the staffs. At the moment I knew that maybe it’s not the time, or maybe we should continue to pray, so I put the thing aside.

After a couple months, we found another place, it’s because one of our staffs contacted with a business man who loves Jesus, and we were willing to rent the upstairs of the place. The place is much bigger and is about 3000 square meters. We were all excited to see such a big place. Before that, the Lord gave me another dream again: At the front door of the place, there were two big angels guarding. The door was special and was not made of copper; instead it was made of fragile railings, and can be penetrated to see the inside from the outside and vice versa. The knob of the door was corroded and the door lock was broken. That is, the watch prayer wasn’t much there, so that the door was broken.

That was my impression about the dream. Thus we were so urgent to pray and 5 or 6 staffs came to the office to pray. Each of staffs were so delighted after seeing the place, because the boss had already rented out the ground floor to a Christian ministry, and the upstairs would be rented to us. Everyone felt peaceful to receive the evidence, and we thought that was the place God would like to give us. Apparently, the entire place would be rented out to the ministries. After I went out of the place, unfortunately, when I backed my car, the car hit another car across the street. I felt upset when I drove home, because I thought that if this is from God, why did I have a financial loss there? Therefore I prayed and asked God if this is a spiritual warfare or a block from You? God didn’t exactly answer if it’s a warfare or a block, he just said go home to pray.

  I suddenly realized that God wanted us to pray for that place. Even though it was from God apparently and I had the dream, however as long as God didn’t say YES, we had to keep praying. Furthermore the Lord indicated that we should pray more, so we returned home and continued praying. I was also shocked that the time which God gave us was getting closer, and I was anxious as well. It’s less than a couple weeks before the time God gave us. One day morning I woke up very early, and when I prayed in the early morning, God made me see a red brick building (The place of 1029 McNicoll Ave.) and He said something about the place.

Afterwards, Pastor John invited the leader of the finance department and me to his office to discuss about the lease. Before that, God said, we could just rent the place for three months. I was not able to understand that quite well, saying, “Lord, if You would like to give us the place, why just for three months? Can it be that You will make something happen three months later?” I didn’t realize at first, but we were still happy to sign the lease. Before signing the lease, we had an overnight prayer meeting and we would like to know how much the rental is, because they gave us such an answer: “we originally haven’t ever rented our place to any church and ministry. But because it’s special that God did talk to your ministry and to the senior managers as well, this must be a special thing. About the rental, please go ask God to see what the price is. If the price you receive matches the price we receive, then we will know God will be gracious to both you and us.   

Because of his words, the training came again in the overnight prayer meeting on Friday night before signing the lease. There were about 10 staffs praying together. We began to ask God about the rental of the place. We’d ever inquired the neighbor (1030 McNicoll Ave.) about their basement rental and answer was $2500. With human nature, we didn’t know how to do at all. Therefore our staffs said “maybe $1000 something, or God is gracious to us, maybe $900, $700…and so on.” 

We took the thing quite seriously back to the hand of God at night. And in the prayer, while God gave me a specific figure $335, I was doubtful about that and thought in mind “Oh, Lord, You must be joking. Don’t You know the market price is $2500. Even if You are gracious to us that we can have 50% off, it will still cost $1300, which will make us all happy.” Nevertheless I was quite sure that the figure was received from God in the vision. After finishing praying, everyone started to ask each other’s receiving. I said to each staff that can you give me more time to make sure if this information was from God. The key point was that my faith was not great enough to believe this information could be accepted by the landlord.

Because of my concern, I didn’t make the information public temporarily. Again, I invited the staffs to pray to God in the early morning. After two times of the early morning prayer, in the early morning of the third day, God gave me a dream before we prayed. Because that day I spoke to God that with human nature, I can’t definitely believe this is from You, I don’t want people to think that we are treating them badly on purpose, please give me another dream to answer my question.

The third time when I asked God at 4 am, God gave me a dream, which I saw very clearly a car parked right there in the meeting place we’d want to rent. That was a white car whose license number was 335. And this dream certified again that the dream was from Him. With the certainty, I was then relieved and courageous to make public the information to all the staffs. Basically, there were many calls on that day, saying, “Are you sure? Do you really thing they will accept?”

Next, I braced up to give the information to Pastor John and to remind him seriously that “Can you also go to pray to God, to see if this figure is from God. I don’t want to treat your ministry badly. We surely can give more to you to satisfy the price you want about the place. You’d asked us to pray for the price of the place, and this is exactly the consequence of the prayer. If you think this is not from the Lord, we will pray again. We are certainly willing to be linked in the Lord, so that we won’t treat you badly about this thing.” When John got the information, he undoubtedly said that he believed what you said is from God. And I said “Are you sure this is no problem?” He said I am quite sure, I will call to the senior pastor this evening, if his receiving is also the same, let’s make a deal. Next morning, he called to me and said “Let’s sign with this figure. God has given me the evidence.”   

I was so touched that I didn’t work at all on that day, and I returned home to kneel down on the floor of the basement to weep happily to God. My Lord, it is true that You are so real and You touched not only us but also them. It was a miracle that everyone got the same evidence. Therefore we had rented and stayed in the place for three months in God’s will.

The first time we moved into the place was when we had the first meeting. When we worshiped in the room, in my mind, God suddenly revealed the vision in the spirit world. I saw on the hallway a lively wooden dragon rushing to the door of the meeting place, because of the glory of God, it was blocked outside. The vision came to me unexpectedly. I felt it’s so weird. Normally, if there are people praying in a place and they build the place as God’s altar, this situation won’t exist or will be seldom. However God suddenly revealed the vision, which had existed for more than half an hour. I had seen the lively wooden dragon rushing to the meeting place, but it was blocked outside because of the glory of God, so that it didn’t come in.

I arrived at the place to pay for the rental with a check and talked to Pastor John. He asked how is it going on in your first meeting, and did you receive anything from God? Then I shared with him the vision I saw in the meeting: “I received from God that there’s a curse of finance in your place, which means you have a big problem on finance. I could see the chain is from the world. Could you please check up which team built this construction?”  The vision I received from God was that, there’s a dragon which is the tradition of Chinese people, so it’s a curse of the impact of Chinese people. The curse was set underground. After my sharing, he called his staffs from the next door.

He said, “A couple of days ago, one of his staffs received from God that the building has a curse, and we didn’t know what’s going on.”  Besides, at 5 am this morning, God gave Pastor John a Scripture which is about Solomon in the holy temple, and he said they should anoint the holy temple and devote house to the Lord completely. He told me that, “Now I know the reason of the financial problem.”

In fact, since their organization bought the entire building, their finance had been going down. Now they were not able to pay any debt and their income was a big problem. I suddenly realized why God said that, after just 3 months of lease, we will leave the place. Meanwhile, I thought maybe three months later their building would be sold. Their staff continued to say that the construction was built by a team led by a Chinese people. As to what kind of feng-shui they put in the building, they didn’t know very well, however they’d tried to sell their house several times, but failed.

Now that they received from God, they got to get rid of the curse, so that their finance would get better. I was originally about to leave, but Pastor John asked me to pray with them. Thus we prayed together for anointing to clean up the curse of finance in the house. About 45 minutes later, I saw the glory of God filled in the place. We were in one spiritually to understand God’s will. After purifying the house, I hereby left there.

It turned out as what God revealed that another organization called China Evangelical Seminary bought their building. After breaking the curse, they made a deal right away. They didn’t lose much and did sell the house.

They realized that God blessed their finance through sending OMEGA MINISTRY to them. I was also trained to know how to pray for the place through the above experience. In God’s hands, we were able to walk together on the journey to Heaven.

Dictated by E.C  Written by Y.Y.  Translation by B.K.