Monday, 19 August 2013

Global Prophecy of 2013, No7

August 16 2013, when I was praying in the afternoon
I was praying for a sister far away in Hong Kong whose life is in danger.  A vision came into the prayer. One spokesman with a black suit was speaking on the stage with a long talk. Because I was concentrating on the prayer of the sister who is ill and was expecting God to talk about her disease, I cannot even listen to one word of that man’s English. Nevertheless he was still existing.  After a while, suddenly there’s a boy’s voice like rushing water coming out of the spirit world and the voice covered the whole picture, saying “Russia has an accident.”  All of a sudden, I realized and woke up with alert.
Impression: Around in October, Russia will have a major event, but I don’t know in which year. 

Fulfilled :


2013.10.07  Putin seeks to boost trade with China to new record $100bn 

August 9 2013, when we had an overnight prayer meeting,
A vision showed:  I heard several loud voices like fulmination of landslide.  All of the brothers and sisters who were praying around me disappeared.  I saw that the entire ground was overcast. Far away are the layers of some pictures: the picture of volcano eruption in Japan, the picture of explosion somewhere in Russia, and the picture of explosion somewhere in the Middle East, and the picture of volcano eruption in Northern Europe…… every picture was shaking and tilting horizontally.  I was screaming in my mind, “wake up, wake up.”
Impression: It’s a real scene that describes the happening of events such as volcano eruption and manmade explosion, which will be continual and the time intervals between events are quite small.  Poor Earth…

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