The Initiation of the Ministry

On May 18, 2010, I dreamed a dream. In the dream, my husband and I had a big white mansion that was many stories high. Its courtyard was big enough to kick balls. In the yard, there were so many plants, ponds, mountains, and streams. In the dream, the Holy Spirit told me that I was going to set up a ministry. I saw a long corridor which was white and transparent in front of the main door. From the door, the corridor extended from one mountain to another and was decorated with a thin silky white cloth. It was very beautiful. Then I saw people coming to a meeting, and the Lord revealed to me that the meeting was just a transition and there would be some young people joining in who had just graduated and was entering the workforce. In the dream, I also saw several brothers I’d known while teaching in a bible study. And a sister who had brought many people to the bible study. Then I woke up. After some time, these things happened exactly as I had dreamed it.  Gradually, some heads of the household took some food to the meeting and a pastor of a church came to help. In the primary stage of Omega Ministry, things actually happened one by one just as God had revealed to me in the dream. This is the first time God showed me that my dreams could be my ministry. Prior to this, I had never thought of doing any ministry at all.

After a period of time, again in 2010, when I was praying, I turned spiritually. Suddenly God pulled me into a white palace-like mansion. There was a big table inside which can seat many people. However, there were only two white angels standing there, and in the middle was a super big book. I couldn't see the top of the book but could only see the thickness of the pages. When I raised my head, I saw Jesus already sit between two white angels. I stood up immediately and my spirit was floating to be able to read the book. The Lord told me it was a book which records many works on the Earth. I flipped through the book and saw the content written laterally in calligraphy. I didn’t see the name of the ministry but some staffs’ names, some of which I didn't know at all. The Lord told me it is the ministry He wants me to do. That made me think of the previous dream. After that, I came back to the real world, even though I already knew that God wants me to start a ministry, I was still doubtful in mind. After a period of time, in order to make sure everything would go accordingly, I prayed to God, saying, “My Lord, if You really want to begin the ministry and you’ve shown me the names of the staffs, please talk to those staffs who I’ve known.”  Shortly after, one by one, those staffs received the visions and messages from the Lord. One of them is a preacher who shared his light and testimony with me. He said the Lord may want him to quit his job and to help a ministry, but he didn’t know what ministry it was. I immediately understood what he was talking about because I did see him in my dream. So I knew what he received was about the Omega Ministry. One after another, I got proof from other people, and after that, I finally believe that God really wants to set up the ministry.

As time passed, when the staffs and I prayed together, my spirit was caught up to the Lord, and I saw the same big white mansion and the same book and again the staffs’ names. What’s different was that when I asked the Lord what the name of the ministry was, I saw the Lord started to write the traditional Chinese “末?事工(Mò-?-Shì-Gōng)” with a brush pen. I didn’t recognize the second character very well because there was something that blocks.  After I came back, I thought it wasn't the perfect time, so I kept praying. After a while, I dreamed a dream that I was going to have a boy. I was not sure if this boy was in human form or a spiritual one. At the same time, six brothers and sisters from different Churches came and said to me that “You’re going to have a baby.” I didn’t even know two of those people. Some were quite sure that the child is not in human form, but instead, it was a “ministry.” And the ministry was about to begin. But I said to the Lord “My Lord! Wait! I haven’t even prepared anything. I can’t do that!” Thereafter, I shared this vision to one staff and that staff said that God is eager for this to happen hastily, so you have to embark quickly. However, with my natural response, I didn’t want to obey, because I thought that once I promise a ministry I have to give much commitment and it also involves great responsibility. Nevertheless, the Lord gave me several same revelations continually so that I cannot bear His push.

One Sunday afternoon, I sat at my desk to listen to a sermon. While I listened to it, I fainted and caught up with the Lord again. A white light suddenly pulled my spirit out. That was a hand stretching out from a sleeve. Right after the light came out, I closed my eyes spontaneously and I saw myself lying prone at the desk and the computer was beside me. I can still remember my posture at that time. At that moment, I felt weird that  I could see myself and I wanted to push myself, but a hand with strong power pulled me to another place. Then I looked to the side, and I knew I saw Jesus. I asked the Lord where this was. He said, this is a “City within a City”. This is mentioned in the Bible and is the New Jerusalem to come. I didn’t see the front door very clearly. With a whoosh, the Lord took me inside and we went through a corridor to the inner of the City. It seemed that the corridor was paved with diamonds of blue light shining. I knew it was a kind of diamond, not a normal marble. They were so beautiful! The corridor was like a stage which leads to the Throne of Heavenly Father. Beside the Throne were huge pillars and many angels. Some angels were writing. I asked the Lord what they are writing. The Lord said they are recording the works needed to be done before the second coming of the Lord. The other angels were busy preparing various works for the second coming of the Lord.

I was surprised by the pillars. I had no idea that it was okay for the pillars to be that way. The pillars were transparent and there was something golden flowing inside those pillars, which were alive. They can even move around like people and could breathe. The flowers wrapped around the pillars were also alive, and they could breathe. It looked like they were talking. I was quite amazed. I have never been to the Taipei Flora Expo, which is the exhibition of 3D laser projection. I saw the laser projected on the pillar, however, the pillars I saw in the Heaven were much more beautiful than the laser projected pillars. I thought there can’t be any technology on the Earth that can perform like the pillars I saw in Heaven. I can share more about the Heaven experience, but I would like to share things related to Omega Ministry. The Lord told me that Omega Ministry belongs to one part of the end-time ministries. Eventually, I went inside and there was a platform. The Lord asked me if I wanted to see the Father ‘s Throne. Because of the weakness of my flesh, my first response was that “I haven’t started Omega Ministry which God wants me to do, so I dare not go inside to see the Heavenly Father.” I said to the Lord in my mind that “I still have so many works to do on Earth. I want to go back and finish them so that I dare to see HIM.” Whoosh! And I came back.  After this, I was alerted that I should begin to work. The Lord is so eager. He is coming. All the angels were doing the preparation. They have to set up the positions of all Saints in the City within the City. For this experience, my mind was turned over and I was pushed to embark Omega Ministry. I began to take it seriously. In one prayer of mine, I came back to the big white house again. The Lord was sitting at the big table, and the big book lay open. This time I noticed that pages on the left were so few and pages on the right were quite thick. I thought the ministry is just the beginning, however, the Lord said to me “No! The book is flipped through from left to right. The ministry has come to the end time. It’s very urgent to start!” Now I finally saw the name of the ministry, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English “Omega Ministry.” After I came back, I began to pray for guidance and how to start the ministry. Nevertheless, I still haven’t any idea until the Lord gave me a sign. Unintentionally, we mentioned to an old attorney that we wanted to begin an end-time ministry, and he invited us to his office to zealously help us to register the ministry in the government. That was the first sign.

After two months, I dreamed another dream. At that time, I was on vacation. But the Lord said to me in the dream, “You’ve already had a baby for two months.” I argued with the Lord in the dream, “I am now on vacation. How could it be possible for me to have a baby? ” During that period, I ever prayed to the Lord how to do the website. The Lord said He would send a person to help us. It is very true that in May 2011, I met a sister in CTF Church who is expert in web page design. At that time, God touched me to care her, and revealed that she is the stray cat out of the church. And she was touched by the Lord to be willing to serve the ministry. A couple of days ago, I reviewed the dream, it has been for two months since the old attorney helped us to register. In the process, what touched.