Thursday, 26 September 2013

Global Prophecy of 2013, No 9: The Meteorite Will Hit on the Southern End of the Continent of Africa.

1. September 25. 2013

A vision in the evening shocked me a lot. My spiritual eyes were moved to the universe to let me see what will happen in heaven.  Five celestial bodies (stars),which are like huge mountains, appeared in front of my eyes.
They orbited as usual, however a great amount of meteorite stones or so-called space junks collided with one of the stars (huge mountains). The giant star burned and got separate (or the meteorite was deviated its original orbit.), and it fell to the Earth. When it was getting closer to the surface of the Earth, I expected it would fall into the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. However, because it was so speedy that it impacted on the southern end of the continent in the South Hemisphere. It triggered tsunami and great shaking. I wondered whether it is South America or Africa.

2. September 26, 2013. At The Night.

One of staffs who prayed together with me yesterday received that God wants her to go back to my place and pray more. I just came home and had the same receiving with her. And the phone rang. We usually don’t get together so frequently. It seemed that the prayer of yesterday had not finished yet due to I was in a hurry to work. We got the proof that the Lord still wants to talk. Therefore I put the prayer list aside and waited for God to talk. After three hours…
The meteorite that fell on the Earth yesterday appeared in my vision. It was so quick, and hit the end of the continent in the South Hemisphere. It triggered great shaking. It was the end of the continent of Africa.

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