Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Testimony of Establishment of the English Site

About three months ago, the clerk division of Omega Ministry just began the website for a short time. One day in the morning, when I was praying, I strongly received that we have to translate the articles of prophecy into English ones. We began to seek people who can help. We have many staffs whose English is excellent, and they are quite competent. However, who is the one God selects indeed? I saw a vision of one person. I felt that he is quite far away from us. Is he able to do the job? Is he the right person?

I gave a call to the leader of the clerk division. I wanted to get a proof that if my touch was fleshly. Maybe that leader (of the English site) had already received from God. I talked to her on the phone for more than half hour, and figured out that she already got one person in mind. It’s amazing that we got the same receiving it’s that person. And he is far in Taiwan. Maybe both of us admire and recognize his talents, so we received the same. However I still felt doubtful. Same old same old, I gave the thing in God’s hands, and asked Him to give mercy to talk to that brother in Taiwan. It is a common miracle in Omega Ministry. The Lord talked to every leader He calls. We determined to wait with patience for Lord’s work. (The above is E.C.’s testimony.)

(The following is B.K.’s testimony.)
At Taiwan time in the morning of July 13 2013, I participated the overnight prayer meeting of Omega Ministry on the Internet. Therefore, in the prayer, I received from God that I would help Chinese translation into English. I’d never thought I will be in charge of English site after a month.  

After a couple weeks, I came back from a short-term ministry in Taiwan. At that time, I was unemployed and didn’t know what I should do and where I should go. On the night of July 22, as usual, before sleep I prayed to God to lead my future way. At that night, I dreamed a vivid dream. I know this is from God unless I couldn’t remember the dream nor dream dreams at all. Here is my dream. 

“I saw myself walk on the street disappointedly. After a while, I saw a want ad, however I couldn’t realize the language used on it. Nevertheless I still knew in spirit that it is about recruitment. And in the dream I knew it is a hard work. I applied for the job and went to the interview. After the interview, I could see my result was top scoring, but others were unsatisfied. After that, the manager asked if I can invite you to manage one of our companies. I answered that I can take up the challenge if it is possible. After the interview, I especially stared at the manger in the dream. Then the dream ended.”

I didn’t realize this dream, so after I woke up, I shared my dream only with brothers and sisters in my church on my smart phone, but not to Omega Ministry. They thought I will have a nice job very soon. For that reason, I began to find jobs on the internet and to send my resume.
On August 22, I got the email sent by the leader of clerk division of Omega Ministry, which is about the meeting on August 23 for the website. However I found that I had a job interview in the morning of that day. The interview time was at 11:30 am and the Omega meeting time was at 9:30 am. I said I got to leave for my interview in the middle of the Omega meeting. Because of the Internet connection problem, I didn’t realize completely what the leader of Omega Ministry said on Skype.
However I was able to affirm that God makes me manage the English website. I was quite sure in my mind this is my impression.
(The following is the supplementary testimony of E.C.)
B.K. left for the interview and got off the Skype. I was curious that have the Lord not talked to him? Perhaps that’s not him? But the Holy Spirit asserts that it is him. In the morning of August 23, I received B.K.’s email. As I read it, joy suddenly sprang up from my heart. It’s so awesome that God speaks.
The following is the reply to B.K. (The red highlights are my reply, and the rest is B.K.’s original text.)

Dear Brother B.K.,
When you went to the short term ministry, in my prayer I’d received that you will be in charge of the English department of the clerk division. I also prayed God to talk to you. Afterwards, I learnt that the Lord has already talked to you. So I asked you that if you have any dream, impression or vision to share. However perhaps my Internet connection was bad, so you can’t realize what I say. The following is your dream, which is the proof of this thing. (That’s all my  impression.)

  Your dream: I had a dream. I saw myself walk on the street disappointedly. After a while, I saw a want ad. And in the dream I knew it is a hard work.(This job is not easy, and few people will endure and be faithful to it.) I applied for the job and went to the interview. After the interview, I could see my result was top scoring (The Lord compliments that you are excellent. You will be competent to the job and will be top scoring.), but others were unsatisfied. (We have other candidates, but they are not fit.) After that, the manager asked if I can invite you to manage one of our companies. (A manager of some division of the ministry.) I answered that I can take up the challenge if it is possible. After the interview, I especially stared at the manger in the dream. Then the dream ended.”

You got top score and you replied that I can take up the challenge if it is possible. In your email reply you said “If God calls a person and he or she replies His calling, furthermore he or she puts on the new clothes and overcomes, then that person will be able to manage. This receiving is exactly true.”

The next morning when I woke up, I suddenly received a voice in my heart, saying “You will succeed to a person’s heritage (property).” (My impression is “Because of your will to take this job and the effort you are going to pay, your spiritual territory will be expanded and will succeed God’s heritage as His son. (After your spirit grows up, you will be able to take that heritage.) Spiritually, you will grow quite fast. You will get new anointing and it will be brought into your life.”)

(The following is B.K.’s testimony.)
In Omega’s online meeting, JC invited me to be the manager of the English site. And I accepted that according to my confirmed impression in my heart.

In the halfway of the meeting, I left for the interview. Meanwhile, I felt instinctively I will be recruited in the company. However, after the interview, I began to have a receiving that made me worried. As expected, after one week, I received the offer letter of the company. But in my heart, I got an extraordinary impression, and I doubted if it is from God. That impression was the little voice from the Holy Spirit, saying “Do not accept the full time job. Instead, you have to take the work in the Omega Ministry as your full time job. You should continue you part-time job you’ve just got this Monday. (The part-time job has few work hours and it is impossible to make a living with that part time job.)” I said in my mind “WOW. How could that be possible? I’ve been unemployed for more than one and half years. I’ve waited for a long time to get a job which is suitable for me. How could that be possible I give it up?”

E.C. said:
When B.K. emailed us to talk about God’s leading on his personal work, I was frightened as well. This is contrary to common sense. The receiving that transcends all understanding should be proved. We cannot reply B.K.’s email that if this is from God. In my opinion, B.K. can take the full time job and do the ministry at his leisure time. Is that really God’s will? My dilemma made me so anxious. At the same time, the Holy Spirit reminded me that why not go to God and have you and B.K. enter His mercy seat. I was glad the Lord permits us. Since God permits us, in the mercy seat, God will answer B.K.’s receiving. I can also be a side witness to see how God leads his way.

(The following is B.K.’s testimony)
Now, I didn’t know how to make a choice. I really want to get one thing well done, because if I take a job or a thing, I will try my best to get it done. If I go get the full time job next Monday, they will send me to Hong Kong to be trained for up to two months. As a result, I can’t pay much effort on the English site. I also had another conflict which is, I was worried I will make my parents and brothers and sisters in my church disappointed. They thought I should take the full time job.
Therefore, I told Omega Ministry about my concerns. And E.C. invited me to pray on the Internet with her to ask God’s will. While we prayed to God and waited for His will, the Lord answered indeed. He wrote a word in my mind to tell me not to take the job next week…  We asked Jesus one more time that if I take the part-time job instead of the full-time one, what kind of territory will You lead me to. Thus, I saw a cauldron in a stadium and I stood in the middle of the stadium and gazed at the cauldron. After a while, when E.C. prayed again to asked the Lord the same question, the cauldron suddenly zoomed into my eyes. The Lord also revealed to E.C. about how He will lead my way of my job. It’s about the revelation of the territory I will go to if I continue the part-time job.

After that, at night before sleep, I prayed Jesus to give me one more proof that if I devote all myself to doing the English website of Omega Ministry, what kind of spiritual territory will You lead me to?
“The Lord made me see a place, which was enclosed by a fence. It was not a concrete fence, instead it’s a construction fence. I walked into the site and saw a one story big house. I wanted to get into the house but I can’t. I asked the Lord if I could go into the house? The Lord answered “not yet.” Then I went to the back of the house and saw a high place which had construction fence there. Then I saw a little figure, and I asked the Lord who is that. The Lord said he (she) is an orphan. I unaccountably wanted to bring him (her) in. And the vision ended.”

On Friday before the first day of employment, I called to the company and said I can’t go to work. Therefore, I gave up the full-time job. Meanwhile, my worry in my heart disappeared at one time, feeling relieved. God’s ways are higher than our ways. Even though we can’t still see with our eyes of flesh, but in God’s eyes, we who seek God will be under His destiny.

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