The Leader of Worship Dance Team

The following story is how the leader of the worship dance team has been called by God. Though the story took a long while, we can see every process on how God makes a new believer become a participant and then a leader. During the time, we also learn to be humble because the people God chooses aren't those who are spirit-gifted and talented but those who are willing to be obedient and to become God's humble instrument. As long as he or she says to the Lord, "I'm willing." The Lord will raise up His instrument and give them various gifts so that others can testify that's the work of God out of him or her.

(The witness of EC)
We all know that accepting the gospel performance in Love Story is God's will. The combination of 14 members is a team which is not easy to lead. I've always been praying for who the leader of the worship dance team is, and it seems that I can know the answer in this time of the gospel performance.
Few people understand that it would need just a couple of rehearsals for a worship dance team to dance a song, but it actually took this team one or two months. The leader will be more uneasy, because choreography, prayers, and courses should be prepared by the leader in advance. This is the most front line in battles. After experiencing every kinds of gospel activities in Windsor, Market Village, Jesus In The City, etc, we have understood that this is the army which the enemy hates most. This is a place where battles and robberies happen most. Nevertheless, this is also a channel which can bring down glory and strong power. I still remember that as we were praying for PK special meeting in the early morning on June 10, 2010, we saw red dancing shoes which were moving with flames of fire, and a wonder that fire was cast down on water from the heaven.  At the time, with spiritual sensitivity, the chief pastor invited TAMBOURINES DANCERS to lead the worship in the special meeting without hesitation.

I've never given much thought to anything that would happen. On the second day, as soon as the meeting on Sunday evening finished, PK and his staffs shared with us everything in the special meeting. The staffs of International Revival Church and a church in Australia also witnessed the anointing of prophecy and healing that God gives through the dance team.

"If I come to Toronto next time, is that possible I can once again invite the dancers to join in worship? I'll rent a bigger venue and wish all the dancers to take part in the meeting so that healing and miracle would be brought down," he said.

I then asked why. He said, "I was originally not going to do prophecy and healing in the meeting. However, while the dancers were dancing, I saw the door of healing opened up by God from the heaven, and right away I changed the direction of the meeting to have the work of prophecy and healing in the meeting."

(The witness of EM)

On April 25, 2011, in the dream I saw two girls dancing in a pool and there's a black woman conducting before them. Then more and more girls joined in and all of them were Chinese. It was like a beauty contest and the venue was located behind a stage which is for water dance.
"On November 2011, the black dance teacher taught us to dance and then we performed in Love Story."

The dream on October 22, 2011
Heavenly Father, even though I can't see you, but You are so real!
Last night, I desired that You can talk to me. And in the morning, You reminded me via the dream that dance is the gift You give me. In the dream, someone taught me a kind of dance like Cha-Cha and it was a female elder who taught me. There seemed to be a table in the place and it was like in the dusk. While I was learning from her, there seemed to be someone asking me about my learning, and I said it's ok. And then the woman told me that it's a gift. At first, she spoke a language I don't understand, but I realized that later. She just said it's a gift (this vocabulary was always spoken in English.)
On July 2012, I joined in the worship dance team.
The dream without date
I dreamed a dream at the night after practicing in the worship dance team.
In the dream I saw EC and J come to my new house (while I still lived in the old house in reality.) They both parked their cars in front of my house. I wondered in the dream why there's such a huge parking lot in my place. They said they are leaving and I immediately asked them that where are you going. EC said we have something to do. Then I was agitated to ask: "what about the worship dance ministry?" They smiled at me in the dream.

Next day, I told the dream to J. And I didn't really know the meaning of the dream, but I still knew a little bit. I just wanted to know if J has the same perception with mine, because I felt that I was not so good and qualified. And J said we received from God that the other people rather than you is the leader. At the moment, I didn't know why I am so depressed because I didn't understand the dream. Then I said in my mind that maybe it refers to my new house!

(The witness of EC) On August 3, 2012, I was in a lab...... Besides me, no one found the water for experiment is toxic. And many people drank it and passed out. A sister among them had been pregnant for three months. She felt ill and wanted to go to the doctor. I was worried about the baby's safety.

That's one of the staffs who are been called. Regrettably, there's no result of that for more than a half year.

On August 16, 2013, I saw a group of people practicing worship in the meeting place. Five or six sisters came and said they would like to dance, and thus they started to dance in a circle. I saw EM is within them. Due to the dream, I thought God would quickly fulfill His work in the dance team. Will EM be the leader?

In the afternoon on September 2013, while I was working, the Holy Spirit had me to call EM. I was then pressed to make the phone call right now. And I was obedient to do so. EM was so glad to receive my call, and she said she has fasted for almost a week. I was curious to ask her, "why do you fast?" She said she dreamed a dream and wondered about that, so she was fasting and praying for the answer of the dream. This morning, she gave the Lord an ultimatum that if the Lord still doesn't explain to her about the dream, she will give up to the Lord. Consequently, my phone rang in time to save her little faith. The following is the testimony of EM. The contents in parentheses are my perceptions and explanations about the dream that I responded to her after I prayed.

(The witness of EM)

The email from EC on September 10, 2013:
At night, I dreamed that I was pregnant and it's a girl.
(It means to have a ministry or to lead new believers, and my impression is to have a ministry. We need to pray more for evidence.) I was so happy in the dream but I kept it secret and didn't want others to know. So many stores that sell gravida products and baby products were opening for me. (The Lord has been preparing many things for the baby.) There were a book store (words of wisdom), and a baby product shop (various supplies).  My husband and I went into the baby shop to choose some clothes for my baby. At the same time, I met my friend and my husband (signifies the role of God) can't wait to tell the friend that I'm pregnant. However I said my friend doesn't know that "we're going to get married." (Deep in your mind, you probably never think that God has prepared you to become a bride. You think it's hard for you to have such a nice position because of some mistakes before. God loves you so much! You've made every effort on such thing (to be pregnant and had a baby.) He has already prepared you to become a bride. Congrets!)

I also dreamed that I went downstairs to the basement of my house (This event is in progress in secret.) There's a workshop which I love so much. The customized wooden shelf, the desk, and surprisingly, "a piece of clothes hung on the wall." (That means the robe and the anointing of identity. This ministry will bring you the robe of identity from God.) 

During this time, I was always thinking to quit my job, for I missed the time I've been with the Lord. The job almost swallowed up my time and energy. Yesterday while I was busy on my favorite job, a voice (maybe that's a voice from myself) said, "work hard, you may rest next year." Why next year? (2014 is an important year. There will be something happening in Israel on September 2015, and the situation of the entire world will change. The ministry will come into Israel in 2015.)

I asked EC if she knows anything special after she reads my dream. I thought, "Others are pregnant, and I'm also pregnant? Others want to serve in fulltime, and I also want to join in the fun? I have a nice job, don't I?"  Nevertheless, I can't shake off that little voice because I don't want to miss anything. As for what to miss, I really don't know. ( Perhaps miss the destiny? When I decided whether I could accept God's training to begin Omega Ministry, I'd already been thinking that if I don't accept the challenge, then how many years can I wait for new revelation from God? Is that ten years? Twenty years? Moses met the opportunity when he was 80, but I don't think I have 80 years to wait for.)

I told the dream to EC because it must inspire me to do something. After she prayed, she told me that I will become the leader of the worship dance team. Though I felt strange, I still recalled the dream I ever dreamed two years ago. Before that, I saw another brother who is pretty obedient to the Lord, so I am also very willing. It seemed that I am as pleased as that someone is proposing to me, and thus I took on the task.

The following is the dream I dreamed after I took on the task

September 25, 2013
In the dream, I was in a classroom that has a blackboard. There were two colleagues who I ever worked with in Taiwan. They were preparing something for me because the class was about to begin. I looked at the teaching materials and said "why no centrifuge? why no centrifuge?" I was anxious then.

After I woke up from the dream, I discussed with EC about the meaning of the centrifuge. A centrifuge is the tool I used to use when I was studying and working before. In the lab, it's often used to separate substances desired and undesired so that we can get the required substance in the experiment. I felt that the dance ministry does have the function of healing and purification. I also felt that because a centrifuge runs quickly in a short period of time, the "time " is also a key point.October 4, 2013
In the dream, I saw a door. Someone told me that another door would be made. And I turned to see and found that it's a door which is pretty narrow. The shape of the door was like a cross. Especially, the door is pink just like a princess.

I received EC's call in the dream, and she told me that she will help me in the dance ministry and there will be an instructor of tambourine dance.
After I woke up, because there's some negative voices in my mind, I felt terrified and the voice said "You are not an expert so you need someone to help." In the morning, when I was in the meeting of Pure Heart Cell Group, I still asked the Lord for the evidence. My faith is so weak, especially on becoming a leader.


October 5, 2013
Thank the Lord that He really gave me a dream. In the dream, I saw EC and some sisters, who I didn't see very clearly, stand on corners. There's something like a censer among us. EC stepped forward and had me play a song. I thought she will dance before us, however she said, "EM, you dance!"  And I said, "Alright!"  I was still weak in faith in the dream. But as the music started, I was really happy to dance with smile. I danced for a long while and even can't see people around me. I kept dancing heartily.

After I promised to be the leader of the worship dance team on September 10, three evidences from God came one after another within a month. Frankly, as for me, I need to handle my weakness and fight my arrogance. However I knew that I am looking forward to God's work in the near future. I've got close to God for years, and I found that things people regard impossible are things God would like us to do. Because we can finally give honor to the Lord rather than ourselves. I hope God continue keeping my heart!

EM herself usually feels weak. She makes me think of Pastor Kathryn Kuhlman, the leader in 70th, and Pastor John Mulinde in recent years (the leader who fosters the great revival in Uganda.) I've ever read their testimonies. Both of them said they are not the first leaders called by God. Before them, there have been two powerful and capable warriors called by God to enter their destiny, however these previous persons didn't respond to God. As the result of that, Pastor Kathryn Kuhlman who is weak and Pastor John Mulinde who is humble then accomplished the work of God. Pastor Kathryn Kuhlman, who originally didn't have gift of preaching at all, has been led by God into deep water and become one of the leaders in God's kingdom. Pastor John Mulinde also has been very obedient to God. EM is not the first one called by God to become the leader of the dance team, but she is humble to say "yes."

May Glory and praise be to Lamp on the throne!