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A Battle with Satanism Part III

(a continuation of A Battle with Satanism Part II)

After I heard the stories from one of my brothers, I thought back to one of my morning prayers. I saw in my prayers a demon, who was dressed in armours, he appeared to be a leader among the devils. He was standing upright and speaking to those in the spirit world, “no matter what you do, we will win him over, no matter what you try, we will eventually win him over! Put your mind into your own business.” It looked like the devils really had no mercy in this brother.

Now, I was reminded by the Lord of what had happened before November 3, 2013. In my prayers, the Lord had said to me, “I will broaden your vision, and lead you to a profound level of spiritual warfare.” However, I wasn’t feeling excited at all after hearing this, because I knew when there were a spiritual warfare, I would be putting down a lot of sacrifices for its cause. And at the end, the only comforting thing I would find from it is only the Lord’s promise to salvation for lost souls. But every time when we undergo an event like this, due to various reasons, such as the immaturity in people’s spiritual life, a lot of people would suffer spiritually which afterwards, would take long time to heal. I wasn’t exactly too excited about it.

Although God has promised to bring us to a deeper level in the spirit, I still felt uneasy about what was about to come. What kind of spiritual warfare this would be, I thought to myself. I have read a lot of books on Satanism. All the stories were very dramatic with legendary characters in it. Yes, I say legends, because I felt that the stories were quite mythical too, as if they would never occur in real life. In fact, I never imagined myself, ever, to become a part of it either.

Two weeks later, at about 11 p.m. in the evening. I was driving and felt very depressed because I haven’t had a good sleep for a number of days in the past week. I would wake up constantly during the night, and startled by weird noises, then getting up to pray. I was as alerted as a housekeeper, not knowing at what hour the thief was coming to her house.

One night when I was alone, I heard what noises that sounded like “bings and bangs” in the middle of the night. It was coming from the den across from the hallway. It sounded like an iron being dropped to the ground and banging hardly against it. It then stopped but came back after a short period, and continued for the rest of the night. It also sounded like someone throwing something hard against the wall, then letting it drop to the ground. I heard it about two or three times all throughout the night. But quite honestly, I was too tired to get up and go check, as I knew this was one of the occurrences of the spiritual battle that I was in. I told myself to go back to sleep, and that I would go check on it in the morning, my spirit was also half sleeping with me. The very next day, one of my sisters from church came to visit. As she opened the door to the den, she was dumbfounded at what she had seen: an iron hood of the fan has completely fallen out and had been broken into pieces. The ends of them were cut completely to the edge, some seemed to have been as if they were been sawn by a welding machine. Other parts from the fan had fallen too and scattered on the floor. The fan, though, wasn’t at all plugged in before that. (Afterwards, my husband also asked me about this, he thought I was letting something out of my system and took it out on our furniture. But then, he also could not explain why the edges of the iron hood would be cleanly cut. It certainly could not be done by a human power.)

The next night, at about 10:30 p.m., I had gone downstairs to the kitchen to grab a drink. As I was opening the cupboard and reaching out for a cup, one of the cups sitting on the shelf flew up right towards me. From the direction it was travelling, it wasn’t falling at all according to natural gravitational pull. Instead, it sprung up into the air and flew horizontally at me! Was I blind and not able to see clear? In that split second, I dodged quickly to my left and avoided the accident. The cup travelled past me and dropped against the ground. I was now standing at a distance from the kitchen counter. I chose to ignore this and not to feel upset.
The next day, around midnight, I came downstairs to the kitchen and checked on the soup I was making (I had already shut off the stove at 11 o’clock). As I was bringing myself up close to the casserole, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in a soft voice but it was still audible, “do not get any closer, step back now.” Instinctively, I drew myself back quick, the casserole suddenly exploded at that moment, right in front of my eyes (neighbours came out to check what was going on, I guess they have also heard the loud ‘bang’ from their house). The soup spilled out, some flew upwards and some fluids sprung forward, yet I was saved. The casserole was broken into pieces and also dented our wall. As I cleaned up the floor and the mess on the stove and walls, I thanked God for protecting over me. It was clear that my home was undergoing some spiritual changes. I could not understand as to why would this be happening to me. I had no choices other than to pray.

The days following that had been very peaceful. Then one day, I had gotten home at about 10 p.m. in the evening. I was starting to collect the dishes into the sink, and I was standing by the tap, usually there would be a glass cup placed right beside the sink, its place quite secure of course as I’ve always made sure of that. Then all of sudden, the cup jumped up by itself, drew a curve in the air and landed head down into the sink, where my hands were in. I could not describe to you my feelings then, it was a mixture of them. How could a cup be flying in the air and deciding for itself which directions it wants to go? I watched with my heart jumped already to my throat as the cup landed in the sink, it was filled with soap then. It then exploded in the water. I thought hopelessly to myself there would be no way that my hands be saved from that. I waited for pain to arrive, yet nothing came. I carefully drew my hands out of the water, and found there weren’t even a bruise! I let the water drain, and found the broken pieces of glass lying there at the bottom of the sink.

Shocked by what happened, I could not help but feeling agitated at God. Why would this be happening to me? I am tired and exhausted of all of this, of keeping watch all day long for mishaps and unexpected incidents. First there were phone calls at night, then there would be unforeseen dangers on the road when I’m driving, I felt helpless! Ever since we prayed for the brother from church, and proclaim in God’s name to battle against the evil spirits, the tests and temptations have never stopped coming. I find myself at the threshold of my tolerance. I thought to myself that I needed an answer from God. Now! I began to pray silently. As I entered into the realm of spirit prayers, I began asking the Lord Father to cast out His authority over the spiritual world. I decided I would not stop praying until unless God answered me. Surely God had mercy on me, just when I opened my mouth to pray, God started speaking. He said that He has already seen before me, what he will train me in doing now is to teach me on how to defend myself in front of the spirits and enter into the battlefield. I then remembered I had forgotten to put on the whole armour of God, the most important thing. Then He led me to pray like this, as to wage against the spiritual forces of darkness. As Luke 10:19 says, “See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing will hurt you.” I let myself submit fully to the word of the Lord. My home quickly settled down after that. God has again reigned and conquered the devil!

That same night, I have had a deeper understanding to the scripture below:

“But, it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor the human heart conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Cor 9-10)

Still, I needed confirmation that the enemies have been defeated. I had really wanted a break for a long time. So I included this in my daily prayers, hoping that God will show His way to me. On a Saturday evening in January 2014, our worship team served in a revival conference at the local Bible College. The preacher that evening was an international evangelist. The weather was horrible that afternoon, and road conditions were bad too. There had been about 15 to 20 cm of snowfall. We had experienced the great presence of the Lord. I proclaimed for the snow to be stopped before 5 pm that night. God is indeed a God of miracles, just before the gathering began, at 4:55 pm, the snow stopped. Not only we were able to start according to schedule, peace and victory were also granted to me that evening. By the end of the preaching that evening, the speaker has begun praying for everyone in the congregation. As it got to my turn, his words for me were, “I hear God speaking to me that you have just undergone a spiritual battle. The demons have for several times tried to have your life, but did not succeed for God and God’s angels were protecting over you. You have learned about the secrets of the kingdom of heaven that others could not understand. They also do not know what you have gone through, nor the fact that you have been through the valleys of darkness. But your were kept away from evil, for He is always with you. You have already conquered the evil, it is now time for a break …” For the words he has spoken, I trusted that it was coming from God, for I was a stranger to him before then. How could he have known everything that I had just gone through if it weren’t for my Lord speaking to him? I let out a huge breath as my spirit also rejoiced. Because I knew I could have rest from this moment on. But most importantly, I have ‘defeated’ the devil with success.

It was late that evening when I had gotten home, but I was a happy camper because I was sure it was finally time for me to have a break from the spiritual battles. Though I had to be awakened by 5 am the next day, I had a good night sleep. Thanks to the Lord, the very next day, I woke to the beginning of a 10 day long top class business trip. Of course, everything was all paid for including my hotel stay. I also had lakeshore view from my hotel room as well as fine dining. I was ever more so delighted. As I enjoyed all this, I thought to myself that this must be a reward from God to congratulate me on my first baby step to winning in the spiritual warfare. So I let myself indulge in the special treatment from God.

Yet, I had no idea of what was about to come as I set out my return from Vancouver, something was brewing in the air. After I came back to Toronto, I saw a vision of myself in a prayer. It was a scene of when I was leaving just as I had finished praying at throne of God, at this moment, His voiced sounded out to me, saying I’m His beloved daughter. He also brought my memory back to the words I had said to Him three years ago in my prayer, I told Him I was like a xxx to Him. He told me that He was the One who sent me, anointed me, and warned me not to care about what other people has to say or who could be saying them to me. He told me to keep remembering of what He’s told me today. This was repeated to me about two times. Though I was much confused by this, I had felt God was different to me in a way that day. Never before had He need to remind me again and again of something. On the second part, what had just happened was something that actually appeared in my dream on September 11, 2011. It had now come back to me in my prayers today.

Could it really happen, what I saw my dream in 2011 coming to real life? Am I fully ready for that? Is this something I can withstand myself, would I survive the attacks of those against my name? I wasn’t so sure because I know I am not at all perfect. Like Paul had said in the scriptures, “…amongst the sinners – I am the foremost.” I have a lot of bad habits, some of which when revealed by God, it hurts to correct. And did I succeed in conquering them each time? I did not think so. I was thankful to God that he had warned me against the things that were about to come, so that to prevent me from stumbling and fall. I didn’t know what to do other than to pray.

The day when I was returning on ferry, I received a call from one the senior pastors. I can only say it wasn’t a pleasant phone call. I had realized after coming back that there were words going around about me and many people had been talking behind my back. One of the pastors from another church also talked about bad things attacking my ministry. Everything began to fall into place, exactly as I had seen in my dream previously. The curtain has now been lifted. As you can see, when we work for God by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and set ourselves to declare power and authority in God’s name, the spiritual battle against the kingdom of Satan will bring persecution in unpredictable ways. People will not say explicitly, “we will be against you if you’re with God.” Instead, they will justify for themselves by using statements to judge you. They will insinuate that you are extreme in your ways of doing things, and point out that it is not from God, and that God would not speak to people, eventually bringing personal remarks onto you as well. These are the most commonly used accusations by Satan.

There will be divisions between you and your Christian friends. They will easily doubt in you, even more easily than do your non-Christians friends. Satan also likes to work in deceiving people through his lies, which will distort things to make them appear differently than what it actually is. Satan has controls over demons, who are the most efficient in destruction. So as he empowers the demons, those who become his preys are the ones controlled by him to attack their brothers and sisters. Now those could be the most respectable church members, devoted believers, or even influential elites in the society. They’d become the ones who would persecute the servants of God on the spiritual battlefield. The flesh will persecute those in the spirit, as we can also attest to that.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matt 5:10-12). It was this scripture that put back the courage in me.

So brothers and sisters, if your persecution comes from your own church, from ones whom you believe are Christians, or from your own family, do not be surprised, for the Bible said:

“I know that after I have gone, savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Some even from your own group will come distorting the truth in order to entice the disciples to follow them.” (Act 20:29-40)

However, the persecution did not only come from people, but also from spirits, as it would also set out for me in life. In the few nights that follow, I continuously to have fevers. I used my strength to fight the pain, and through prayers too. By the afternoon, my temperature would start to drop. A week later, on an evening, I started having high fevers at 37.8 degrees. I was aching all over on my back and my whole body. I picked up the phone and called a sister from my church, she came quickly and brought a nurse with her (who we also knew from church). They prayed for me and we worshipped together, the sister also gave me a massage to ease my pain. I was going up and down in the temperatures, then finally my fever dropped. Then I felt my headaches were gone too, the pains in my back and organs have eased a little too. After they had left my house, the symptoms start to come back again. In the middle of the night, my fevers came back and it was high this time. I couldn’t get out of bed, I thought I was going to die.

Then right at that moment, a vision came to me, I saw myself lying in an emergency room. I have had that once happened to me before where I was able to see visions in times of disparity like this. The very last was when I was in Taiwan, it had saved my life that time. I understood immediately that it was God who wanted me to fight against the dark forces of death, I should no longer lay there for the darkness to devour me. Although my head was drowsy, but my spirit and mind was awake and rooted in good “foundation”. I was told to proclaim against the power of diseases and the darkness of death. I knew it was time to submit in obedience as I have seen a vision from God. At midnight, my phone rang, this time my parents. After having heard me describing my symptoms, they, who have been doctors, told me that I should call the ambulance. Because of the call and the previous alert I had received from God, I decided to obey, for my work on earth has not yet finished, the time for me hasn’t come.

I struggled to get out of bed and called my sisters from church. One of them who came had to cancel her appointment. The other suggested that we go straight to hospital. So they brought me to the emergency room at Sunnybrook hospital, one of the best hospitals in Toronto. But since my home isn’t in the same district as the hospital, none of us were confident of how long the wait would be. The hospital staff saw that I was in great pain and offered me a wheelchair to sit on. I registered at the front desk, and asked the nurse there how long would the wait be. He pointed to his desktop computer, on which the monitor showed me that my number was 166, apparently this was the season for people to be getting sick. He told us that, it everything goes according to procedure, it would still be hours before seeing a doctor. My headache was getting worse then, and my pains increased, I could feel it all over my body. The nurse started asking me questions and taking my temperature. I was told to wait, like many others in the emergency room. I had felt I couldn’t take the pain any longer. The sisters who went with me started praying outside, and that hopefully God will show mercy.

Then about ten minutes had passed, someone called my name. I thought I had heard wrong, I listened again, and it really was someone calling out my name. As I got pushed into one of the smaller rooms, a female nurse came to ask me a set of other questions. I was in an emergency bed 5 minutes after that. The sisters who came with me were praising God at this time for letting me go through so quickly. But the bad news came: we’d have to wait until all the tests were done before the doctors knew what medicine to administer to me. But no one would know how long would all the tests take. During all this time, the nurses have been busy adding and removing quilts on and off of me to bring down my fever. Another nurse came in at this time, thanks to the Lord, she knew how to speak Chinese. The lady started taking my temperature. And ironically, it was 36 degrees the first time on the thermometer, then it started to get worse, it went up to 38, then 39 degrees and suddenly reached 40. The nurse started shouting to the people outside, “the patient is at 40 degrees.” Then everything happened so quick, a doctor came in. Half an hour later, two more nurses started taking my blood pressure, blood test, and started performing the standard protocol. Finally, I got my medication to treat the fever. Gradually, four other doctors walked in. A number of tests were then done, probably all for different specialized areas. They also asked me a lot of questions.

That evening, I was sent to the care unit in the hospital and had to stay in bed. They gave me fluids and drugs. I was in the hospital for four days, but praise God for bringing so many people to my help, and also for praying for me during the time. They have casted out the demons and diseases in me. I have read a book before on what our attitudes should be towards death, written by Watchman Nee. In it, it talked about that disciples have the freewill to choose death. If he knew his work on earth has been finished, he can choose to die since God would no longer need him to be there. Otherwise, the disciple must get up and battle against death. If the disciple knows quite clear that there are still incomplete tasks for him on earth, and also sees the calling of death upon him, he must reject all the evil and dark forces. He must then enter into battle, for God has unfinished work for him. Even though we may find conditions seemingly threatening to our health, if there is unfinished tasks for us on earth, God will work with us to wage against death.

If a disciple has fears for death, he should then change his mindset. For if he was held captive by death, he would not been able to combat against it. Without understanding this, we cannot conquer death, but yet suffer at being mocked by death and we end up being the grave digger of our own tombstones. Most of the disciples today are passive in their belief for God. They have this mentality to become the receiver of what God has to give. They think that if the time of death has not come for me yet, I would not die because God would then be there to save me; and if it would have been the time for me to die, it then would still be God’s will, what are my chance of being spared if it is God’s will for me to die? After all, I was being born to fulfill the purpose of God. So this makes sense right, but is this really an act of faith on our part? Or rather, I say to you, an act out of idleness instead. Clearly, every time when we did not understand God, instead of praying to God, what we did was just sitting there and saying, “let this be, if it is your will.” But how could this be God’s will if we’re waiting in passiveness. Yet, we should be about and searching for the real answer for what His will is. Because without real knowledge to what the will of God is, we could easily let death overpower us and have it taking over our life. What we should be doing is to stand up and fight against death.

For if we do not settle with sin, why would we be settling with death? For the Bible has clearly told us to treat death as the enemy.
– “The Spiritual Man”.

After getting out from the hospital, I went back China to see my family. About a week later or so, I received a call from one of my colleagues in the ministry, saying the court has ordered new judgements against the brother’s case. The opponent attested against my brother being involved in the case, and presented false evidences in court. Although we knew this was one of Satan’s extorted accusations, the brother had no idea that this was going to happen. He did initially get involved out of greed, but had no previous experience for dealing with anything like that. I asked the brother to join me on Skype so we could pray together for him. I could feel the anxiety and the fear in him, so I encouraged him, “God has already given mercy onto you, treat this as a spiritual test. It wouldn’t take away the promise that God has already made onto you, let us pray and see what God has to say to us.”

After the prayers, I shared with them my receiving from God. God was going to indeed send messengers to help the brother to withstand this test. I learned, after I had returned from my trip, that he had won the case. God is indeed a God of miracles. Furthermore, there were not any civil consequences against him. Just as God had promised, He would show mercy. The brother had been given obligations to complete 100 hour of community service. Praise to the Lord! Also in the same case, the other friend of his had been released as well, and there were no consequences to her as well.

Praise to the Lord for His mercy! Not only have we witnessed His work, we’ve also had winning battles waging against darkness and His hand showing us the way all throughout. All the glory to God, for God had guided us step by step, for even giving me the chance to testify His name. I pray that those of you who are reading these testimonies, see nothing else but the majestic work of God, for none of the people in the stories are important, but only His glorious name is worthy. May His name be glorified and honoured.

Narrated by EC, Compiled by CL, Translated by JS

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