Thursday, 18 December 2014

Global Prophecy No. 20: Unpredictable Weather

At 3:59 am on December 2, 2014,

I was waken up by the outside noise, and then I felt wakeful without any sleepiness. What an amazing feeling! I turned on my cellphone to see the time, and it was 3:59 am. I just went to bed near 1 am. It seemed that there's something for me to pray. I entered a prayer for battle......

I felt that my prayer had not come to an end, so I continued to pray. Suddenly, a vision leapt out at me, and I saw strong wind blowing down lots of trees, rivers in flood, houses and farms submerged, and serious mudflows. A voice was heard, "East Coast."  In the coming years: 2015 and 2016, many coastal areas will be hit by hurricanes (or cyclones) from the polar regions. Drought will be followed by abnormal stormy seasons and heavy rains.  Most weathers in many regions will never be accurately predicted. The climate will be getting

abnormal. There will be more circumstances that weathers of different seasons will happen in a single month all over the world.

That made me think of the vision of Global Prophecy No. 14 we have ever published.

In the early morning on December 13, 2014,

I saw a vision, and it's a picturesque place. I also saw branches and leaves of a willow tree droop down to the lake surface. A man-made foot bridge and a pavilion were situated beyond the lake. The earth was suddenly shaking violently up and down. The duration of shaking was much longer, which was about 9 seconds. Mountains were falling down and rocks were rolling down. The duration of shaking for the second time was shorter, which was about 5 seconds. I realized that vision was about the earthquake. I saw a number “7.8”in the sky of mainland China.

My interpretation: It will happen in Sichuan Province of China.

An angel in Middle East, who carries a scimitar and wore a white robe and put a white turban on, was in a city where its houses (buildings) were almost built on hills, so that heights of buildings varied.  The angel put his right hand at his back and prepared to draw out the scimitar. The punishment was about to begin.

My interpretation: The dress of the angel indicates that he is a Middle Easterner. The scimitar implies to war. The white dress of the angel means the punishment is from the hand of God. (I feel it will happen in Syria.)

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