Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Global Prophecy 37: Sun Disease and Collapse in World Trade --- Famine

Time: June 1, 2016  7:00AM

Vision 1: I arrived at a beach, with my eyes veiled with fog and steam from the beach due to the scorching sun on the ocean. Large crowds of people lied down on the beach with swimsuits and many others enjoyed the coolness in the water as if dumplings were thrown into the boiling water. Lots of people came here for summer resort rather than for holiday travels.

Another terrible thing was that some people dropped dead on the spot due to the burst of blood vessels caused by the heat of the sun. Nobody had ever thought that people might die from the radiation and wavelength of the sun.

Vision 2: An area of land stretched out in a curved way over a long distance like a small ditch with full crevasses and without a drop of water. A line of words, i.e., Collapse in World Trade, was typed out in the air.

“I have seen this vision from 2009 until now, what is the difference here?” I said to the Holy Spirit. The picture unfolded to the Extreme Weather Events that brought global failure in crops. First, I saw more and more cities and nations in the Northern Hemisphere fallen into floods and droughts; the shortage of food extended all over the world and the economic recession from South America circled the globe. The global trade went into a panic due to the stoppage of marine transportation, shipping and land transportation as a whole. The Freight Forwarder Network which seemed to be quite reliable in the past now became a crisis. It may occur in many nations at a fast speed within a few days or a few months and may transfer from one nation to another in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as time goes by.

Daily services, such as medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, food supply in superstores, electricity and gasoline supply, and even other emergency services were abruptly interrupted.

Then I heard another voice saying that, in the event of 9-magnitude earthquake anywhere, I should keep my eyes open on the coastline from the Northern California to B.C. in Canada, where low-level earthquakes occurred continuously and frequently, and that might be followed by tsunami and violent earthquakes.

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