Global Prophecy 29: Warfare of the last hour, a time for the Revival Ministry

A vision during midnight on June 24, 2014:

I saw and witnessed a huge war, a war concerning events of the future. There were sudden hostilities, causing all the streets to be emptied. Armed troupes were everywhere. Chaos, disruptions, and black outs all over; only few areas were left with power. Some people say, war is coming in four years, this is the last hours of preparation. I remember myself watching the empty streets, knowing everything was to come, and that this was the last of the important nights.

My understanding was that in approximate year 2018, there will be a huge war, pointing towards signs in the book of Revelations.

A vision at 2 am in February 2015:

I was praying with two young brother and sister. We were praying together for our Ministry, it was the second time of us gathering together to pray since the host of the 1st Convention for Revival in 2015. This is what we saw in our vision:

1. A group of catholic gathered in a city in the US, there with them were also sisters robed from the head, in the colour of sapphire, some in white, some dark navy. They were coming from all parts of the world, gathered under a significant monument holding flags of every country. There were important people coming to see the United Nations. They gathered in joy awaiting to welcome the pope.

2. A Catholic ceremony was taking place, flowers (mostly in the colour of white) surrounded all over. In the middle of the venue laid a casket. The place dazzled with glamorous decorations, silverware made of either gold of silver. The mass was seemingly holding a memorial for an important person lying in the casket, his clothing was patterned in white and gold, the decors on his clothing showing high status amongst them all, he was also wearing a golden mask.

The Holy Spirit is reminding me that, our Ministry will need a period of waiting, for the passing of this important person.

-The pope will be visiting New York.